About Us

Good Morning Mumbai was started in order to give you insight about politics, technology, current affairs and much more.

We had only a single aim to provide news to you without any agenda. We neither have any donor nor we have any funding from any politician or any group of media.

It’s main focus is to make you aware about the situation of India and how we as Individual can create India a better place to live and enjoy. A place where people will feel and experience that they are living in a great place.

We are on the path of developing the independent journalism throughout the country. We want to make every individual aware about the current scenarios of our country.

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Ankit Dubey – Founder

Ankit Dubey is the author of this website. He is also the founder of this portal. He is currently pursuing his BE from Mumbai and he is very enthusiastic about reading and writing.

He is currently learning about the economics, social and mental behaviour of society and individual. Despite being a failed student in the art he still loves art of creating.

His main goal is to create India a better place where each and every individual can realize that India is ours country. He is highly inspired by the life of Shri Ramji (Seventh Avataar of Mahavishnu), Shri Krishna (Eighth Avataar of Mahavishnu) and Shri Parshuram (Sixth Avataar of Mahavishnu).

“When we saw Indian media & International media who are running only negative sides of India only, hence we decided in order to observe the situation of India first and then find the solutions in order to create a better India, in this way only we can make our country better” .