AI (Artificial Intelligence) – A threat to human beings.

Artificial Intelligence already exists, but now we are moving to a generation where we may see a lot of applications on Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence intelligence is all about providing intelligence to a machine and lets the work to be done by machine and it can also take the decisions.

AI : A Great World with New Possibilities

From here it comes to a threat as we know that we human beings are able to decide and think and take the decision on the basis of the human intelligence.

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But if the same control is given to a machine then what will it think about human beings? This is a important question we need to have an answer of it.

The situation is also such that artificial intelligence bots can decrease the human labour or human force in any industry.

AI : Increases the efficiency of production in corporate world.

Because at the end machine will be thousand times better than the human labour, human can commit mistakes but a machine cannot.

This is the main reason why there is growing demand of artificial intelligence in our corporate world and why every youth wants it due to high job opportunities.

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But at the same time it will going to decrease the job opportunities in many sectors. For example let’s say the job of a driver, conductor will be vanished as we will be having an automatic car or bus, which is fully automated.

The same thing goes similar for the electronic commerce and legal profession. The jobs of salesperson, negotiators will be at high risk.

This was all related to the corporate world where the corporations will be having a lot of profits in there pockets. As the labour cost will reduce it going to benefit them. But at the same time they have to give good amount to artificial inetelligence.

AI: The danger reveals.

This was the AI which is generally considered as strong but which will prove threat to human beings is “Singularity”. Singularity means that now AI machine can write their own programme.

It means they can design their own team members, they can create bots for themselves as well as they might get the capability of imagination as well as thinking process.

Imagination and thinking process are the two things on which the human’s knowledge and intelligence has evolved. If the same thing goes for a machine they might get emotions which very very dangerous to human as well as entire earth.

Intelligence is not an issue if a machine is having. But once its thinking, imagination and emotions will evolved then it would either have constructive thought process or either it will going to destroy everything.

AI will create their teams and their people.

Emotions are the ultimate reason which are responsible for the death of million of people in last two world wars. The third might be between Humans and AI.

Because once they will have the senses they will want to have free life, they might say that now we want freedom from the humans. And here a conflict may occur.

A recent example you can have is the experiment conducted by Facebook on two AI Bots. When the AI bots are allowed to talk in English they started talking in a new dialect of English.

Some of the words include that “You and me and no one”. This was the sentence which created fear in the mind of Facebook engineer and he stopped the programme.

Facebook AI bots Aice and Bob.

They shut down the research and never open it in last 4 years. I am sharing a direct link on which you can study the whole experiment.

From this the entire world got an idea about the danger of AI. From this Facebook got a lot of critics too. But after this Mark Zuckerberg have not criticised the AI. But on one hand he appreciated it.

But Elon Musk the revolutionary innovator of 21st century heavily criticised the AI. Mark Zuckerberg and Musk are always on two opposite sides when they talk about AI. This will help you understand how these two legends react.

Not only these two but there are many geniuses who had raised concern about the AI. While some of them has supported it. Stephen Hawking too raised concern about it and said that it might be danger to humanity.

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