“Appeasement of Hindu” is a new way to get Hindu Votes.

In our India when we talk about politics, then appeasement of every communities has been already taken place but now hindu appeasement has been trending from previous one or two years. Appeasement of any community in order to get there votes is never good.

Appeasement of Hindus are now done by those who called them secular when they entered into the politics. But now-a-days these people are saying that they are Brahmin , a statement by Mamta Banerjee in his recent rallies. Kejriwal said in the Assembly that he is a Hanuman and Ram Bhakt and will take everyone to Ayodhaya once temple will be buit.

But if you just want to have a look on there speeches which they had delivered before 2019 General Elections you will find that these people were in no mood to appease hindus as they were targeting muslim votes. But it was the only after 2019 election, they realised that muslim vote is not reliable.

These things are clear from the result when BJP sweep the polls even in Delhi and West Bengal, after this Kejriwal goes Akshardham temple and with his colleague Sisodia, both went to ISKCON in order to celebrate the Janamashtami. This was just the beginning of the Hindu Appeasement as the AAP was not able to reatain their 2014 results. This made Mamta as well as Kejriwal to understood that BJP is targeting the 80% community and they are getting it as well.

The bigger thing came from the Kejriwal when, the verdict of Pehlu Khan’s lynching came and he remain silent. The main reason is not known to us but if you know you can comment. The main surprise came was when he didn’t take any stands on the Shaheen Bagh, but his party MLA Amantullah Khan went and supported the Anti-CAA movement. Kejriwal didn’t stopped here but he once sung Hanuman Chalisa during 2020 assembly elections. Which was surprising!

As we know that history repeat itself but now-a-days in the era of West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election where we are seeing the same things which Mamta Banerjee is doing which Kejriwal did and he didn’t allow his voters to move from AAP to BJP.

The main difference about these two elections are that PM Modi and Amit Shah were seen that they were not confidence enough to declare pre poll win for BJP. Even if you see previous interviews or rallies speeches they were asking voters to vote for BJP candidates but they were not able to declare win for BJP despite of clearing general elections.

But in WB election both the person are enough confident that they had declared a win of 200+. Are these two people going to change the geo politics of West Bengal ? Mamta Banerjee who used muslims votes in order to stop Modi’s Wave in 2014 failed miserably in 2019 elections. Is it a clear indication that the people of Bengal are fed up with the communal disharmony, appeasement of minorities and now they had decided to change it.

But Mamta who once overthrew the rule of left. Now has to battle BJP. The good thing about Mamta is that it is getting support from all round whether it is NCP, Shiv Sena, SP, DMK, and much more. It is clear that Mamta is getting an overwhelming support of opposition.

TMC has already loosed many his leaders out of them some were founding members, which is not good at all for TMC. The thing is clear that there would be division of Muslims votes as there is three option for muslims- AIMIM, INC-ISF-Left and TMC.

Mamta and his strategist Mr Kishor know that and hence Mamta is seen know reciting the Chandi Path in rallies and even saying that I’m a Brahmin. These things are coming from Mamta, but they understood it from the 2019 only, after this only TMC MP Nushrat Jahan has been seen in Durga Puja and Pandals.

The muslims voters of our country now are in eager to support and elect their own leaders as it is seen from the Maharashtra and Bihar elections where Hyderabad based AIMIM able to get seats.

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Ankit D

Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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