Atanu Das defeated the Gold Medalist of 2012 London Olympic Jin-Hyek

Atanu Das who is representing India at Tokyo Olympic 2020 in the archery defeated the Oh Jin-hyek the former Gold Medalist at 2012 London Olympics and also a part of the 2020 Korean team which won the Gold in 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

It must be noted that all country was having eye on this battle as the Atanu Das defeated the former Gold Medalist by scoring 10-9 in the Shoot-Off.

Atanu Das defeated the Gold Medalist of 2012 London Olympic Jin-Hyek
Atanu Das defeated the Gold Medalist of 2012 London Olympic Jin-Hyek

Atanu Das defeated Gold Medalist

With their first arrows, the duo started with an 8. After that, the South Korean archer hit two 9s, and Atanu could only respond with an 8 and 9, losing the first set 25-26.

The archers were then split 27-27 in the second and third sets. In the fourth set, the match was levelled, with Atanu winning 27-22.

Both archers shot 10, 9, 9 in the fifth set, tying the score at 28-28.

Jin-Hyek only managed a 9 in the shoot-off, while Atanu nailed the inner 10, giving Indian archery a memorable victory in Tokyo.

Atanu Das had previously defeated Yu-Cheng dang of Chinese Taipei in the 1/32 Elimination Round.

What Atanu Says

In this Atanu Das was having only one supporter that is her wife to cheer and applause for him, yes only Deepika Kumari was present while his opponent was having his small group of people to cheer.

From India it was only the soulmate of the Atanu Das was present in order to cheer and support him at his shots. She herself is presenting India in the Women’s team.

Atanu Das at Olympic 2020

Deepika will compete for an individual medal on Friday. But on the eve of her event, she was the only voice of support for her husband and teammate. Every time Das got closer to the bullseye, she would exclaim, “Good shot!” “Confidence! When Jin-hyek tried to wrest control from her, she screamed.

“I was hearing her full time. She was pushing me up: ‘believe in myself’, ‘you can do it’, ‘just stay calm and handle the situation’. I am privileged to have my wife in this competition. She is a great support and motivation for me, so I really did my best in the match today,” Atanu Das, who married Deepika last July, said. “(At the Olympic Village) I stay with the men’s team, she is staying with the women’s team (but) most of the time we are together.”

Atanu Das- A Great Player

The wind blew from left to right, with a strong downrange component. Das held his bow for a long time, swayed a little, and released the arrow under pressure, shooting second against a legend of the sport. “It was a tense situation,” he admitted. “It’s either win or lose.”

He was victorious. The arrow landed in the target’s centre, indicating a ten. Jin-hyek was out-nerved by Atanu Das. “While it may appear to be an excuse, it is quite different from what it appears to be in a gust of wind,” Jin-hyek said. “Atanu is a great player. I wasn’t any better than he was.”

Das, on the other hand, is just getting started in the competition. He reached the same stage in Rio, and to advance this time, he must first defeat Takaharu Furukawa of Japan when the competition resumes on Saturday. Furukawa finished second in the London Olympics, losing to Jin-hyek in the final.

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