Ayurveda and Allopathy which one is better?

When we talk about medical science then a picture of a well-uniformed doctor comes to our mind and a well furnished, tarnished hospital with a lot of medical instruments and a number of patients as well. In this some people might get some more imagination if they are adulterated by the Bollywood movies. This is all about the imagining process of our mind which is based on the memory and experiences we received till date.

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It must be noted that in our India, we have a lot of disease and treatment as well. India is a place where 1.3 billion people live and in order to cure and prevent them from the disease we need to have a well maintained medical infrastructure and facilities. Even whenever we came across any pandemic then we saw nothing but the failure of the system. We must admire that it is always there and it is not for the first time but it is from the last 1000 years.

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Now since we are having all this thing but we are not able to control the pandemic not due to the availability of preventive measures but due to the negligence of the government and people as well. In such a things, we need to have introspection because, then only we can develop a sense of rational thinking. But in mid of all this we get controversies and this small controversies are streamed on national media in order to get million of views.

The main issue of this content is not that which side is correct ? But the main focus is that why both ayurved and allopath can co-exist? Why one side is totally ignoring and against the other side ? Here it comes the ideological differences and ignorance which is built in the mind of a person when he was receiving the education. If he is taught to hate the ayurved then he will hate him till his last breath. The same goes for the allopathy as well.

Understanding both the medical practices that is ayurved and allopathy together will create miracle in treatment of disease. The best example is the medicine developed by the DRDO that is 2-DG. 2-DG research was done by the Patanjali and the research was published in Reasearchgate, have a look into the conclusion part what they had said on the effect of 2-DG on COVID-19 virus. The effect of this medicine is better than the standard one as said by the Dr. Sudhir Chandra, in Economic Times article.

It must be noted that Ayurved which is considered to ancient medical science of India is now spreading its roots all over the world. It must be noted that many ayurvedic practices like Oil-pulling which has its origin in India but is highly recognized by the western world. Even yoga and its benefits are visible to the world.

But at the same time we are having best doctors and their research which must be respected and we must appreciate their hard working too. Utilizing both ayurved and allopathy is best idea in order to counter the treatment issues. We must remember that we need to have ayurved and yog as a practices in our life in order to not get disease and we need allopathy in order to curb emergency like situations.

In this manner only we can minimize the differences between ayurved and allopathy, and both will decrease the suffering of people. The west is learning this lesson in a good pace.

We hope that our officials too will understand this that both ayurved and allopathy should co-exist.

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