Biological Weapon: The most disastrous weapon

India is currently suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic which is caused by Corona Virus. But the main thing behind this virus is that every part of world is getting affected due to this virus. This virus is not only destroying families but it is playing a major role in destroying the economy of any nation. On the other hand it has been more than 1 and a half year and we didn’t receive any medication till now.

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The exact origin of this virus which is also called as Wuhan Virus, is still a mystery. Speculations are there as it might transmitted from the bats to humans, but some suggest that this virus was prepared by the scientists in Wuhan Institute of Virology. Read article of DailyMail.

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According to article of DailyMail, they said that the CORONA virus was not originated naturally. They actually created this by making it more infectious to human beings. It must be noted that when WHO team reached China in order to investigate the origin of virus. They were not allowed even the entire Wuhan city was given under the control Chinese Army. This raises the speculation of Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It must be noted that if it was made in a lab then we are entering into a new world where we can eliminate our competitors with the help of new weapon that is ‘Biological Weapon’. It seems to be a plot of a sci-fi movie, but it is the reality. We know that the terrorist organization was working with the chemical weapons, as they already know the effect of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Chernobyl Incident. Now they got the most dangerous one that is Biological one.

The effect of this is not only on the army but here citizens are targeted, this creates unrest among the people of that nation towards their government and it might lead to downfall of the current government. It was one of the reason of downfall of Trump’s administration. Even the economy of that nation goes down and it also creates unemployment, inflation, fear, issues of black-marketing and many things.

If this Biological weapon was used by the terrorist organization then they can create miserable situation in the country. To counter such type of biological weapon we need to have very high end medical infrastructure. In such medical infrastructure we need to monitor the health of every living organism. Even we need to have screening in every part of the country in order to trace any new strain of virus or bacteria.

In such high end medical infrastructure only we can counter this biological weapon. But the major issue over here is we need to have high accuracy which will let us know any virus or bacteria present in the human being. We need to build this system in every house in order to know if any family member is affected or not! This will also ensure that any virus or bacteria if it is inside in the body of the victim then he/she should be taken to the hospital immediately.

In this way we can protect the entire family and if require we can isolate the entire family and sterile the house. In this manner we can create a sense of safety among the citizens. Same way we need to have this screening system in the crowded places like fish market, vegetable market, malls, stadium, gathering, schools, colleges, halls, marriage ceremonies, etc. We need this system to counter this Biological weapon.

It looks like complex but, it is possible to do. We need such system to counter Biological Weapon. We should believe that Prevention would be always better than cure.

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