BJP Leader Ashish Shelar attacked MahaVikas Aghadi government over 11th class CET.

The Mumbai High Court yesterday issued an order cancelling the Class XI CET. Also, according to the Mumbai High Court, youngsters should be admitted to class XI based on their Class X marks. The ruling of the court has been described as a severe setback for the state government. In addition, this represents the start of a new chapter in the Eleventh Entrance Confusion.

BJP MLA Ashish Shelar attacked MahaVikas Aghadi government

Students from other Boards are treated unfairly in the Eleventh Entrance Test (CET), which is based on the State Board syllabus. The Mumbai High Court declared on Tuesday that the state’s decision to administer the 11th entrance examination in a direct way to students under the age of 18 who have not yet been vaccinated is arbitrary, harsh, unreasonable, inconsistent, and without power.

As a result, BJP leader Ashish Shelar has been vocal in his criticism of the Mahavikas aghadi regime. “Students, parents, who have been subjected to great emotional stress, and education is in an unparalleled mess in the state,” Ashish Shelar has asked the MahaVikas aghadi government. The pupils suffered significant loses as a result of the Thackeray government’s whims. We raised a lot of concerns again and time again.

Mumbai High Court judgement over 11th CET

The court ruled against it. Despite this, the government’s capriciousness has not taught them anything. “The High Court has lambasted the state administration for rejecting the 11th CET, saying that the state government’s decision is arbitrary, unreasonable, severe, discriminating, capricious, and violates the constitution’s right to equality,” Ashish Shelar said. Thackeray’s regime has been chastised by the Mumbai High Court.

Hon. The High Court, in cancelling the 11th CET, condemned the state government’s decision as arbitrary, impractical, harsh, discriminatory, whimsical, and violating the constitution’s guarantee to equality.

Also, “Boards vary per state, but it is unfair to treat CET like the SSC board.” There is whimsy, according to the court. Due to an evaluation based on internal ninth-grade results, the pupils received 95 to 100 percent of the possible marks. The eleventh entry has parents worried. Will they be admitted to the college of their choice or not? This concerns both parents and students,” added BJP leader Ashish Shelar

BJP Leader Ashish Shelar attacked government

“In this sense, the government has no clear policy. The value of education has been squandered. We inquired, “What course will you take?” after the CET was announced. At the time, the government took a unilateral move and declared CET based on the SSC board’s syllabus, without taking into account other boards’ syllabuses. So, how do other board students handle tests that aren’t related to their major? But no one thought about it,” said BJP MLA Ashish Shelar.

“In terms of internal merits, the eleventh admittance will imply that there will be inequity once more. The entire government administration is frequently seen as a whim. The state government’s education council scholarship test for fifth and eighth grade pupils will not be held at this time,” he stated.

“This is a poor judgement, and the city authorities should explain it. This means that kids in private schools will take the scholarship exam, and if they receive the required scores, they will be awarded the scholarship, which will be given to those who truly need it,” said BJP Leader Ashish Shelar.

“Will this scholarship benefit clever students from poor, diligent, working families, or will the Municipal Corporation deny them? Is this the kind of justice we’re talking about? Even when it appears that Corona is being detained in Mumbai, it is Tughlaq’s role to keep NMC students from taking exams,” asked BJP MLA Ashish Shelar.

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