BJP needs to expand it’s horizon beyond Hindi Belt.

As BJP is near to saturation in almost every Hindi heart line state, it is very crucial for BJP to expand its base in the states which has not explored yet. The popularity of Modi will help and structural organisation is very important in order to attain this.

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BJP which has very strong presence in the Hindi heart line states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajashthan, Bihar and northen states, while it does not have any structural organisation even in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and many southern states whether it is union territories of southern states.

BJP needs to get rid of their partners.

The main reason behind this is that they must get rid of the alliance first and then they must build the party from its booth level. As we know that how alliance partners of BJP are now want to ditch BJP to gain potentials. The BJP has seen SAD, SS who recently broke away from the NDA.

The reason can be anything but now these political parties are no more want to have their friendship continued. Even the AIADMK in the Tamil Nadu and JDU in Bihar have sour & sweet relationship with the BJP. It might due to the increasing popularity of the BJP or it might due to the ministry which BJP didn’t want to share with their partner allies.

The good thing about allies are they are trustworthy but at the same time they became burden. In Punjab, BJP-SAD has an alliance of more than nearly 30 years. But the SAD didn’t allowed to expand BJP in the Punjab. Same thing is happening in Tamil Nadu where BJP is just contesting on 20 seats out of 234 Assembly seats.

But good news is from the Punjab as BJP is now having a huge scope in the Punjab but it needs to work in the southern parts a lot. It was even cleared from the recent local bodies election where SAD loosed its ground, despite of having opposed to Farm Law Bills.

Second thing Modi will not be always present hence it need to build its party in the state where it has no existence the states of south as well as north like Punjab and Jammu Kashmir.

BJP is turning towards unexplored lands.

BJP which is under the leadership of the JP Nadda has started this journey with the entry into the west bengal politics. The result of this state will be kind of litmus test where BJP has to prove that it can win the states without any partner and can represent the entire India.

Today INC is the only party which has total presence in the whole India. Whether it is north or south or east or west it has an absolute presence. From this only many times the Congress has criticised the BJP. Even the Yogi Adityanath a man who is just behind the Modi in terms of popularity has started the Kerala’s journey.

BJP now too are realising that they need to increase their votes and they are on their path. But still BJP is not leaving their alliance with the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu but had already left the hand of TDP in Andhra Pradesh. BJP has recently entered into the mainstrem politics of Hyderabad Municipal Corporations and now has a strong presence in the Telangana.

Will it able to expand its base in West Bengal? Check with us only and keep updated by the

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