China will have more research in core technology to counter US’s Global Influence. Where India stands?

The China is going to have more investment in order to challenge US’s position of “Tech Power”. It is cleared from China that they are going to have more percentage of its GDP on the innovation and research.

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Will Aatamnirbhar Bharat happen?

Where India stands ? What measures are taken by the Indian Government in order to modernized its country. Will it always depended on USA, China and Israel ? Is it a way to ‘Aatamnirbhar Bharat’.

Aatamnirbhar Bharat
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Now let’s discuss what China is currently doing and what its plans in the future. During a recent report published by Bloomberg, China wants to curb its dependence of chips on  Intel Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

China which import nearly $300 Billion of chips annually from the globe, now they want to cut its dependence for this they are going to have AI and everything by which they will be self-reliance.

Groundwater table is decreasing & we are not having any concern.

In this, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, said that they are going to bring major changes in the core technologies and will also have 5G network in atleast 56% of the China’s mainland.

China will increase expenditure annually for R&D.

During this he also estimated that they will increase the budget by 7% annually. Not only in chip making, but they will also have research and development on AI, next-generation networks, autonomous vehicles, software for semiconductor design, military grade-radar, electric vehicles, fifth generation radio frequency, nascent arena, hydrogen fuel and much more.

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Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda of China to become Super Tech.

They are trying there best in order to get self-reliance on which they are depended on West and other countries. It will also going to build more national laboratories and innovation centres to implement the Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda.

They are also going to bring the brains from the Silicon-Valley or other part of the world. This will increase the number of brains in the China’s Mainland and it will be called as technology immigration system. China’s aim is clear that they are going to target Silicon-Valley as well as Taiwan’s dominance in the chipmaking.

This the plan of China in order to have their supremacy in the “Tech”. Today in defence we have two powers “US” and “Russia”. In production China is well ahead but what about India?

India’s expenditure at lance on R&D.

India is currently in the no mood to take this steps let me share the budget of 2021. Have a look at this chart. Read more.

From this graph it is clear that India is just going to spend 594 crores for research and development for the year of 2021-2022. This is very less as expenditure is lesser than 2020-2021.

India is much behind China and USA.

In innovation too India is not doing anything. India is just expenditure ranges from 0.6 to 0.7% of its GDP. If you will compare this with the China’s 2.5 TO 3.0% of its GDP. From this it is clear that India is very much behind China.

The good news of India is that they are more focus on the Entrepreneurship and Industrial development. They had also increased the budget on biotechnology as well which is very good.

But Indian government needs to put more focus on Research and Development. India needs to expend at least 2 to 3 % of its GDP. Only this will bring the India’s prosperity and will become a power in “Tech”.

From this it is also clear that Indian government is wanted to promote Digital payment and IT as well as Electronics. They had also increased the budget to three to four folds. This is good indicator but we need to have more budget expenditure.

India should invest more in R&D.

As you can see that R&D in Electronics and IT is just 700 crores , which is very less according to me. But promotion is nearly 2631 crores. We want that maximum expenditure should be put on research laboratories.

We hope that you will understand this concern of India as nobody is having debate on this. But ‘I’m Concern’ is the place where we talk about those which left behind.

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