Clean Environment and green energy is sending an alarm to India.

According to Verisk Maplecroft, is a risk and strategic consulting firm based in UK. It usually publishes reports on Environment, politics and economy. It must be noted that according to its recent reports, it states that India is having around 43 cities from the 100 cities of the world.

Environment Risks

From the Verisk Maplecroft, it is noted that these 100 cities of the world are at the high risk of climate change as well as the pollution. It is also noted that from their report, that Mumbai and Delhi are the two cities which are leading in the Climate change and Pollution respectively.

According to the report published by Verisk Maplecroft, it is noted that India has 13 cities which are ranked into the top 20 highest risk cities to live. In this particular list, India’s capital Delhi is at the second position. The financial capital of India, Mumbai is at the 27th position. Chennai, Agra, Kanpur got the position of third, sixth and tenth respectively.

It is also evident that Delhi which is also considered as the most polluted city of the India. The Delhi is also holding the number two spot in the Environment risk, the first position is occupied by the Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It must be noted that according to the report India is has already lost 45 Billion US Dollars in 2019 due to the air and water pollution.

In this amount around 36 Billion US Dollars are due to the air pollution which accounts for the every one out of five death in India. It must be noted that the water related pollution is responsible for extra 9 Billion US Dollars lost. It is also noted that in the year 2019, around 17 lakhs people lost their lives due to air-borne disease.

An Alarm to Indians

India is currently in the developing stage and it needs a complete industrialization process which will increase the job opportunities as well as it will enhance the productivity of the country. Despite of industrialization we need to ensure that India needs to improve its standard of living by cutting the dependencies on the fossil fuels. The coal plant on which our country was depended, we need to get rid of it.

Green Energy

But India needs to find the green energy alternatives sources which will not only eliminate the coal based energy but will also improve environment too. Indian mega industrialists like Tata, Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindras, ITC, Larsen and Toubro and many more are working in order to achieve zero carbon emission target.

But if we saw the Annual Budge of 2021-2022, we learnt that there is no increment in the funds allocated to the energy. It must be noted that India’s expenses on the energy has been not increased while the other sectors has been increased. The funds is nearly same of the year 2020-2021. We can only keep hope that government would increase this budget in the next year.

The Annual Budget of India
The Annual Budget of India

If we see this we might get positivity that India is going to spend combined 3300 crores for the wind as well as the solar energy. But for a population of 1.3 billion people is it sufficient ? Even in the Annual Budget of India, there is no effort in the Renewable energy. We don’t need to rely on the wind and solar only but we need to develop new ways to create green energy.

The pledge and vision is only going to show you result when you put the things together and implement the policies from the paper to the ground. The thing here is every policy looks good on the paper but the result is only achieved when you implement it on the ground.

We as responsible citizens of the country can try and create awareness among the citizens of India that only we can protect our environment from the upcoming crisis.

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