Congress needs to admire hard work and trust their youngsters.

Congress which has been the oldest party and it is one of the most prominent national party of India is seems to loose its ground in the recent elections whether it is state or local bodies. The main reason behind this is the lack of trust and recognition of talented leaders.

Congress loosing grounds.

If we observe in the recent election of Gujarat local bodies, where the Congress loss its ground to AAP and whether it is gram panchayat election of Rajasthan or Maharashtra it stood behind of BJP. It is not only loosing ground but its leaders too are not happy with the central leadership or they want to change their side.

The recent G-23 which we saw where the Modi has been praised and the crowd there was applauding, Mr Azad when he was delivering his speech and was praising Narendra Modi. The Congress which has good leaders like Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, are not in the central body of INC.

Congress is suffering heavenly due to breakaway

This type of ignorance is hurting congress and they are just avoiding this. The results came into Jyotiraditya Scindia, Hemanta Biswas, Jagan Mohan Reddy and many more. Even the Milind Deora who has changed his twitter profile a long time ago. Is not seen in the Congress.

The congress generally used to select those who are close confidant of Gandhi Family, irrespective of qualities. The people like Hemanta, Scindia or Jagan if they were with the congress then it might have two big states and has a strong presence in Assam too. But everything is in vain now as all these people moved to their own paths.

Congressmen are not happy.

Recently the resignation of P. C. Chacko shows that they are not able to settle the internal conflicts which resulted into a breakaway. The Sachin Pilot is not happy as he has not his deputy CM and he has not given any position whether in state or central politics.

The Hardik Patel who was the working president said that the party has not given any work to him in the recent Gujarat Body elections. The thing is very clear that congress is does not want to change itself. If you look at the age of party’s president it is around 74 years. While if you look at the age of BJP’s president it is 60 years. This gap must be filled.

The congress needs to correct itself and start its preparation for 2024, because they are still having a lot of time and there is maximum chance that there would be anti-incumbency too. They must need to get rid of the alliance partners which will halt the progress of congress.

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