COVID-19’s impact on India | COVID-19 in Maharashtra| COVID-19 in Bihar [2021]

COVIDCIn 2019, a virus named as ‘corona’ spread in the Wuhan, China. Within, months it spread to the other parts of the world. And hence the world is attacked by the deadliest pandemic we ever had. The name of this pandemic is COVID-19. This pandemic is still threating all the nations of this world and it has destroyed the livelihood of crores.

COVID-19's impact on India
COVID-19’s impact on India

Now lets have a look at the casualties brought by this ‘corona’ virus. From its origin onwards it is able to infect as much as people as it can. Till today it has infected around 174 million people all over the globe. In this around 3.51 million people has lost their lives.

COVID-19 in India and its effects

In India, COVID-19 is solely responsible for the death of around 3.51 lakhs. It has infected around 29 million people. This virus has done this damage within the period of 18 months. Till now India has only experienced only two waves out of this second wave is not ended yet.

In India, it has not only affected the lives of people but it has adverse effects on economy of our country as well. Now one must remember that, around 2.3 crores people had lost jobs in April and May where we saw the peak of second COVID-19 wave.

It must be noted that the savings of the Indian household which is usually considered as the highest in the world is hugely affected. The savings which Indian women has made in recent pasts are vanishing due to lack of jobs and inflation. This virus is destroying the lives and deteriorating the livelihood of middle class. It must be noted that around 5 crores people became poor thus increasing the poverty.

This is the virus which is one of the major factor in downfall of Trump Administration. It destroyed the economy of many developed European Nations. The effect of this virus on industries are much worse as we might see the de industrialisation which will increase the unemployment.

COVID-19 in Maharashtra & COVID-19 in Bihar

The unemployment is at the peak in our country and it is going to increase if the economic policies are not taken seriously. The most industrialised state Maharashtra is the most affected state. While the least developed Bihar, is the least affected if we compare the population and infection ratio.

Now take Maharashtra whose GSDP is 426 Billion Dollars (estimated) in 2020-2021. The COVID-19 has affected around 59 lakhs people. One lakh has died due to this virus. Now lets take Bihar which is having 110 Billion Dollars in 2020-2021. The number of COVID-19 infections are 7.1 lakhs and only 5400 people had died. But the population of the Bihar and Maharashtra is almost equal.

The same goes for the Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru where lakhs of people from around the globe came in search of livelihood. It must be noted that there were speculations about the virus origin which was initially declared as conspiracy theory.

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