Covid Rise: Maharashtra Government might take the decision of lockdown.

According to recent development, it comes to know that Maharashtra Government can take major decision regarding the rise of the Covid Cases in the Maharashtra. According to some reports, it was noted that Maharashtra Government is in mood to take huge decision regarding the lockdown or they might increases the restrictions as no body in the state is hearing to the appeal made by the CM Uddhav Thackeray.

As the Maharashtra Government has said that there would be only 50% occupancy in the theatres. But yesterday only when the CM Uddhav Thackeray took the press conference, and accordingly decision on the lockdown will be taken as per the reports.

Modi Government does not care about the protests.

In day before yesterday, CM Uddhav Thackeray while interacting with citizens on Facebook live, he clearly said that lockdown is not a solution, but he also mentioned that if the situation is not going to change and there would be no alternative then lockdown will be imposed again.

Covid Cases on Saturday

On Saturday, the India saw a huge spike in the fresh Covid cases of more than 89,000 out of this around 47,000 cases were coming from the Maharashtra alone. While the Pune Metropolitan hit another peak of 10,827 while Mumbai Metropolitan shows the rise of the 9,900 cases. The death tally of 277 was added and the total number of fatalities due the Covid stood at 55,656

The current scenario of Maharashtra needs to dealt with more precaution and care. We need to understand that the lockdown is only going to make things worse. It will not only halt the most industrialised state but it will hammer the livelihood of many families and workers who came to Mumbai for earning.

Follow Rules and Guidelines

It must be noted that the CM Uddhav Thackeray is again and again urging people to follow the lockdown guidelines but no one is taking care of it. And hence he is making a lot of efforts in order to make things better. The lockdown which was imposed last year by the central government created a lot of problem and also it hammered the economy of the country. Even the businesses are facing losses and their loss has not recovered yet. Read More.

Remember the Maharashtra state contributes around 15% of the country’s total GDP(Nominal). The other states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab are also the states where the situation is not good and if these states will go under the lockdown then the same problems will be created and it will going to make things worse.

So we must took the Corona seriously as we have just going through the phase of the vaccination and it might get completed in the month of the September. Till we need to follow the guidelines and we need to take care of self as well as our family.

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