Cryptocurrency is a new way to get extra income.

The Cryptocurrency is a new and latest way to earn money and it is becoming new way to earn money it all started with the Bitcoin and a new blockchain technology is introduced to us and we welcomed it with open heart.

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In our India, where government does not have any control over the cryptocurrency, the people of India are now start investing in the market as they have many positive points. Some of these are protecting their money from the tax and they usually get a high returns.

Government now seemed to look into the matter and may they make it centralised. According to some media reports Government of India is going to ban cryptocurrency and will going to starts its own crypto currency. It means all other currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and all are going to banned.

While according to EconomicTimes report, the incumbent Union Minister Anurag Thakur ,

“Let me say that we welcome innovation and new technology…blockchain is a new emerging technology. Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency. I firmly believe that we must always evaluate, explore and encourage new ideas with an open mind,” he said

This is not clear from the government neither from the officials till date what they are going to do with cryptocurrency. It was initially banned but it was lifted after the judgement of the Supreme Court.

Lets see what does the GOI think about cryptocurrency ?

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