Differences between State & Centre is increasing nowadays

There are a lot of differences between State and Centre and it is increasing day by day. If we see the previous some months we will get a clear indication that differences are not only in the policies but it is reaching to institutions as well as the administration. It is not good for the country which is in the third world, fighting against the devastating pandemic of this century.

It must be noted that Indian constitution has accepted the federal structure for well administration. The federal structure of the India cannot be destroyed by the constitutional amendments until or unless you have a judicial review from the Supreme court of India. Hence the Supreme Court is the institution which is having responsibility to protect the federal structure of the country.

The federal structure allows a country to have have provinces or states with their own government, hence it distributes the power of a government between national and state. For the further we can have local government and much more. The main things here is that it for the well being of the people of a country.

For this both national and local state government, need to work like a team and they are suppose to solve the problems of the people and run country smoothly. Yes, it seems good but it is very difficult to work as we are having a population of 1.4 Billion and they need to accept the differences which are created by the people present in the administration.

Differences are always comes in the democracy and it should be there because monopoly will going to destroy the things. Hence we must have a democracy where each and every person of the state shall be able to express their thoughts without any fear and worry. If we are feeling that government is not working, then we must criticize the government and ask government to rectify it’s mistakes which are inevitable. This is a place where we are suppose to sit together and have a quite talk to in order to discuss the outcome of every aspect.

But this way which is seems to be very easy is not easy at all because we need to have a patience in order to listen someone them. Yes, for this reason was the Parliament of India is there but nowdays those party who is having a good number can only speak. The independent selected candidates are allowed to speak for merely 3 minutes. Sometimes for just one minute only.

Even when there was very serious issues regarding the transfer of Sushant Murder case from Mumbai Police to CBI. It must be noted that every state leader who are part of Maha Vikash Aghadi government criticized this thing and they said there is no need of the CBI. Even though Supreme Court ordered this probe to be transferred to the CBI on the basis of Bihar Government.

But this things didn’t stopped here as well it further increased when the ED came into the picture and they started probing. There were a lot of comments and speeches made by the local politicians about the central agencies like CBI, ED, etc. The hatred towards central agencies which are usually considered as neutral are being criticized in state where there is Non-BJP government.

Even some leaders are mentioning that these central agencies as “outsiders”. This is not good for the government of India as we knew that common people of India believed that CBI, ED, NCB are central agencies and the local politician are not able to pressurize them as these officers are from all around the country.

Even when NCB officers were looking for the drug angle in SSR Murder case, then the two officers were attacked by a mob of 50 to 60 people in the Goregaon, Mumbai. Read more. This type of attacks against the government officials are highly condemnable as it reduces increases the fear among the common people.

The everything happened in the Maharashtra was not good as the local politicians were afraid of the CBI or ED. Even they said that they didn’t want central agencies to take the cases which Mumbai Police was probing. They were defending their thoughts on the basis that this agencies are used by BJP in order to create instability in the MVA alliance. Even they said that there is no need of CBI probe as Mumbai police or state investigation agencies are capable of solving any problem.

The same things are happening in the Bengal as well when the CBI took some state minister into custody. They arrested these politicians in the name of Narada Bribery case which was initially probed by the local police. It is also noted that even the CRPF which is a para military forces in India during the West Bengal Elections.

It was also noted that some people in Bengal attacked the BSF jawans. For this read more.

In recent Narada Bribe case, some TMC workers pelted stone on the security forces. This is totally against our federal structure and it is getting destroyed as people of the state in the influence of these politicians will start believing that central forces are outsiders and they might get isolate themselves from the country if this thing continues. In India politicians are nearly considered as god and we need to get rid of this dilemma read our articles in order to understand this.

We need to understand this and educate every single citizen of India in order to have a true sense of national identity as Indian first and be Indian last. Then only we will be able to create national identity among the all 1.4 billion Indians. We need to get rid of this speeches which are used by the Indian Politicians in order to get few votes. The main purpose of any party is to gain power.

Once this thing is cleared in the mind of our people. Then this politician will become more mature. Before giving any speech they might think twice. We need to create awareness among the innocent citizens of this country. In this way we can create a better place to live. We know the political drama happened in the Delhi as GNCTD bill was passed from both parliamentary houses.

For national integrity we need to increase the nationalism on the basis of Indian only. The nationalism should not include caste, gender, religion, and many things. It should be only and only on the basis of Indian identity. If once this thing is done in a good manner then none of the politician will be able to divert them.

Ankit D

Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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