Digital World: A great world ahead.

Digital World is a frequent term used by most of the social media influencers and top bloggers of the country. The field of Digital World which was introduced in India at the time of introduction of internet only.

The only thing was left was that people or ordinary person were not aware about this career. As many of our friends and colleagues are dreaming be a part of India’s premier institutes like IIT, NIT, AIIMS, and so on.

But everyone is aware about that very few of them reach to those prestigious colleges and institutes. Later moved to colleges and start dreaming that “I will get a good package irrespective of my college’s ranking and position”. Here we dream of TCS, Infosys and so on.

The real crux about that we actually start working in this corporate and start expecting promotion. Which again very few of them crack and others lag behind. The reason behind this is the lack of awareness about the life of corporate world.

The real reason behind this is we are not aware about the present opportunities. We are aware about that traditional methods of 60s and 70s, where people were used to say that there are only two jobs: 1) Doctor 2) Engineer.

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After 40 to 50 years around every people in our country still says this only. I think the real reason behind this is not that we are not able to understand but the main crux is we had inherited a sense that an engineer or a doctor will always have upper hand above all this.

Digital Opportunities are ahead.

Today a young boy of 18 or 20 years think that the real opportunity is to have a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. He is right in his perspective as an influencer get a good sum of money for endorsing any brand or a product.

He earns in lakhs by displaying ads on his website or channel and do earn in lakhs. And most of them get fame and publicity and they become hero of the YouTube world.

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This is the digital world that is Indians are exploring after they were introduced by the boom of 4G in India. Many of them lost left their world and started their career in this world. The world is becoming more visible and more reachable.

The career opportunities that we are expecting are huge as we know that the giant businesses that are digitally are in trillions of dollars.

But when we talk about this is India, the numbers are amazing as we know that India is having a population of 135 crores but its internet users are just 74.8 crores in the latest report by TRAI in December of 2020. But if we see it in the end of 2019 it was 63.6 crores.

Digital World: India will have nearly 100 crores internet users in 2025

So the numbers are going to increase rapidly and it will going to create more audiences and more opportunities in the digital world. According to Statista, India will have around 97.48 crores internet users in 2025! The base is going to increase and hence the demand will also rise.

If we see this digital world, we will be having a lot of opportunities and we will be having good career for our young generation.

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