Do not assign long, stressful duties to cops on day before weekly offs: Maharashtra DGP


The Maharashtra Director General of Police on Thursday issued a directive to the chiefs of city and district police to avoid giving night patrolling duties or other such stressful work hours to lower rank officials on the day prior to their weekly offs.
Acting DGP Sanjay Pandey in his order stated that his office has learnt that police officers and constables are given night patrolling or 24-hour duties on the day before their weekly offs, and this causes them mental and physical harassment.“It becomes meaningless because the officials get tired when they are assigned too much work or given stressful working hours on the day before their weekly offs,” read the directive.

Officials said that the DGP has mentioned that this is not for the Mumbai Police department as this problem has been resolved by them.
Sources in the department also said that the acting DGP issued this order after he received a series of complaints from junior officers. The officials said that since his appointment, Pandey has focused on resolving problems of lower rank officials.
An officer on the condition of anonymity said, “We are often given night patrolling duties on the day before our weekly off. So we end up sleeping the whole day on our so-called weekly offs, due to which we do not get time for our families or household chores.”Another officer said, “My children often complain that I do not spend much time with them. I feel this will help me.”
Lower rank officials in districts often have to travel far to reach their workplace. The order will bring some relief to them too.


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