Devendra Fadnavis asks for CBI probe as he has evidence of 6 GB.

Devendra Fadnavis in his recent press conference asked man questions and said that I am going to have have an appointment with the Home Secretary in Delhi and going to give the evidences with which they can initiate the CBI enquiry.

Devendra Fadnavis
Devendra Fadnavis’s Press Conference

Devednra Fadnavis also said the conference did by the Sharad Pawar was in order to proof that whatever the Param Singh’s allegations against the Deshmukh is incorrect. According to Pawar, Deshmukh was in home quarantine from 15th Feb 2021 to 27th Feb 2021. But as Fadnavis tweeted a video of conference done by the Deshmukh.

He also narrated an incident of 2017 when he said that he and that time Mumbai Commissioner and held a plan operation and get the people arrested who were dealing with some policemen in a hotel, they all get arrested and we were having all the evidences we filled even charge sheet at that time.

He also said that commissioner of intellegence shrimati shukla who got information about a racket where a person was using the name of ministers and then she informed the current incumbent DGP of Maharashtra, then DG acted and asked the following numbers on the interception in which many political leaders named came out.

After this the everything was getting clear and Shukla, commissioner of Intelligence submitted a detailed report to the DGP on 25th August 2020 and on 26th August the DGP signed it and forwarded it to the CM of Maharashtra and asked for probe and secrecy to the CM.

Then Fadnavis said that CM of the State got to noticED about it and then he show a device of data having 6.3 GB data and all the calls and intercepts were given to the CM of Maharashtra. But then DG noticed that no enquiry has been done and the report was sent to HM of State and no probe was initiated. He even said that all the officers whose name was in this report were not given promotion.

Later he takes a jibe at the government said that the commissioner of intelligence was promoted DG of Civil. Fadnavis also stated that she must be DG as her records were very good. He said that I am all having this evidence and going to meet home secretary and will request him to take note of this and will ask for CBI probe.

The case of Antillia becoming a national issue as the NIA arrested Sachin Vaze and Parambir Singh made serious allegations against the incumbent Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. Even in this matter Raj Thackeray asked HM Anil Deshmukh to resign.

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