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Narendra Modi who got fame and name through social media prior to 2014 General Elections, for the remarkable development of Gujarat. He was considered to be one of the Hinduwaadi neta as prior to Prime Minister he was very fluent on Swami Vivekanand and was considered as hindutva leader.

Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister has successfully completed seven years in PMO. In the first term he launched many welfare schemes which directly benefitted the rural population of our country. All the schemes launched and implemented successfully and people of the country were benefitted too. Even due to these schemes launched by Government of India, the PM Modi’s face remained popular in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

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Hence people from the rural India voted once more for PM Modi as next PM. Even the opposition got nothing at their hand as they became more and more weaker. BJP which is always considered as a PRO-HINDU party and it has its origin from the Jana Sangh. Even they openly declared that Ram Janmabhoomi is in their manifesto and it remained unless the Supreme court gave verdict on 9th November 2019.

It must be noted that the issues related to Nationalism is already done. Modi in his second term successfully abrogated article 370/35A, Triple Talaq, CAA and Ayodhya verdict. So now in second term the people will give votes on the basis of the development, employment. Even his popularity is not facing any issues despite of COVID-19 pandemic. But in same time his governance is under many serious questions and allegations whether it it Oxygen shortage or availability of the vaccines.

The weak health infrastructure of our country is totally exposed over here. Even the entire health infrastructure is collapsed not only in the India but it has collapsed in the entire world. Yes it is true, and the whole world and every government whether it is centre or state is failed in order to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is not the first time that all the government of the world failed, but in the history too when we were less scientific, then also we had seen the crisis of Spanish flu, Black Death, Plague of Justinian and many more.

But the main thing is the presenting the crisis in much horrific way by showing the horrific scenes of hospital, dying patients, video of burning bodies. Definitely this will send an image of malfunctioning and mishandling in a much horrific way and if the media puts blame then it must be Narendra Modi. As the Prime Minister of this country he must be taken responsible, but in the meantime we need to understand the Pandemic and meanwhile the medical infrastructure we were having when we got 1st corona patient.

I am not worried about the death and new cases but we should worry about the economy of our country. We also need to understand that India which is one of the largest country of the world should think about the economy, unemployment which is at peak, de industrialisation. If this things are not fixed by Barents Modi in the next two to three years then we might see the downfall of Narendra Modi and BJP. Since they have ample of time in order to solve this economic crisis and bring India back on the path of progress.

Narendra Modi’s reign as a Prime Minister would be always considered as one of the historic as Indira and Narsimharao. But here Indira is known as for the hard decisions which she took whether it is emergency or open challenge to President of United States. Narsimharao took biggest decisions of economic reforms and when he took office India GDP growth rate was 1% but when he completed his first term then the GDP growth was nearly 8%. That was the reform which was brought by the PV Narsimharao carried forward by Atal and Manmohan governance.

It must be noted that now India is in current need of economic reforms and hence the government of India must think about it as only a learned person can bring economic reforms. Read this article in order to understand the need of economic reforms.

Despite economic reforms Narendra Modi needs to bring more and more industrialization in this country whether it is public or private, industrialization is the need of the hour in order to curb the unemployment. We need to have our own industries, in which our own people will work. In this way only we can bring the unemployment down.

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Read Bloomberg Quint article about unemployment.

We must understand that to bring and increase the pace of industrialization we need to decrease the number of paper work which is done in order to setup a business. There should be a single window system by which we can easily start a business. Even we need to bring reforms in law too. It must be noted that any public whether it is state owned or centre owned should be freed from the politicians. We should not include the politicians as well as beaurocrats in the decision making process of any company.

The obvious reason is that we are having more than 200 firms owned by the government of India but out of these 200 only 20 are able to give us profit the rest gave us losses only. If we compare this with the private firms then we will understand that if we invest 100 in private then we can get 10 rupees as profit but when government invest 100 in public or state owned firms then it merely gets just 1 rupee as profit. Look at this gap.

Now the question arises we need to do a lot of things but at the same time the government is also having elections as well. In our India where we are having elections in every six months. Hence we need to cut this and make it one single election. All elections whether it is centre or state should occur at the same time. This will also minimize the cost too.

if these things will be fixed then only the BJP will come in power as they don’t have any nationalism card on which they can get votes. The people is understanding the inefficiency of the government in dealing with the petrol prices, unemployment and economy of the country. Even the Anti CAA riots and Farmers Protest too will play a role too. Most important is the collapse of the health infrastructure is also visible.

The politics of Mandir Masjid or Hindu Muslim might not work for any party in the upcoming General Elections as every citizen of the country is getting rational day by day.

We hope that they too understand this and we might see the politics of only development not religious one.

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Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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