Elon Musk created record, by adding $25 Billion in a day.

Elon Musk who is owner of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, has creatd history on tuesday when he added $25 Billion in a single day. Jeff Bezos is still number one!

It all went on Tuesday when the tech stocks at NASDAQ 100 shows the potential spike. According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, this spike in stocks added around $54 to top 10 billionaires. Jeff Bezos too added around $6 billion to his net worth.

The Tesla  Inc.’s showed a tremendous jump of 20% which was greater than their previous year. It is also noted that Tesla owner Mr Elon Musk has taken his wealth fortune to $210 Billion and became the richest person at that time according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Tesla Elon Musk
Tesla Stock Price

But after some time the stocks of Tesla company decreased by 36 percent which ultimately reduces the wealth of Elon Musk, then the founder of Amazon retains his position, but now the battle between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos would be thrilling as the difference between the wealth is just $6 Billion.

Currently Elon Musk has wealth of $174.1 Billion while his rival Bejos has $179.9 Billion (According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index). Since the difference is close enough and we might get another update. A note must be added that Facebook owner Mr. Mark Zuckerberg too added $3.8 Billion in a day and now holds a net worth of $100.9 Billion.

The net worth of Tesla might increases as they had invested one billion dollar in Bitcoin which is rising continuously, according to Financial Express, it might hit $75000. This will also going to increase the Tesla’s wealth as well as the Elon Musk’s net worth.

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