Farmers and Centre both don’t want to repel on their stand[8 Jan 2021]

During one of the previous talks, the farm and government unions reached some frequent ground to solve protesting farmers’ worries over growth in electricity prices and penalties for stubble burning, but the two sides remained deadlocked within the key contentious issues of this repeal of their farm legislation and a legal promise for MSP.

Here really is the eighth round of discussions between the Centre and the farmers, who were protesting at Delhi boundaries against the 3 farm legislation and for legal assurance of the minimum support price procurement system because last month.

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According to the sources privy to the improvements in the assembly, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar has advised farmers the farm legislation are made for the whole nation, not only for a particular nation and because the farmers anyplace else are encouraging regulations the farm leaders must finish their agitation. The farmers have stated they won’t accept anything aside from the repeal of legislation.
But, farmers have resisted the proposal and stated that it might be a time taking procedure.

The eighth round of discussions between the Centre and the farmers agitating from the 3 recent farms legislation struck the roadblock over the first couple of minutes.

The farmers have declared that the tractor rally on Republic Day.

Since the farmers pushed in their need to repeal the 3 farm legislation, the authorities said that it can’t and won’t take back the laws, sources have said.

“If it states farm legislation are prohibited, we’ll take them right back, but when it says differently then farmers should finish their agitation,” the sources quoted the authorities as saying at the assembly.

The most recent meeting between the authorities began in 2.45 pm. But over the first couple of moments, either side made it very clear they weren’t prepared to budge from their stands.

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