Shree Ram Prabhu, the legend will never born again.

God Shree Ram is an incarnation of the God Vishnu. We came to know from the ancient history and accounts of various religions like Buddhism and Jainism. The existence of Sanatan Dharma is beyond the ages and yugas. The Sanatan is not only mere a religion which is founded by a person. But it is entirely based on the practices of science.

Lord Shree Ram was born in the Tretayuga, to Raja Dashratha and Mata Kaushaliya. He was born to bestow his devotees and to abolish the wrong ones present in the world. He lives his entire life in simplicity and fights with the devil using righteousness only. Shree Ram never in his whole life used any wrong way to get results.

Shree Ram greatness and courage and simplicity created his mightiness in the entire world, and his name and deeds became honourable, and he became an ideal person in the world. He was not an ordinary person but an incarnation of God Vishnu. Prabhu Shree Ram’s followers multiplied and became an important symbol of humanity and love. His greatness is celebrated in the entire world, whether it is Indonesia (Islamic nation) or Sri Lanka (Buddhist Nation) or Myanmar (Buddhist Nation).

Shree Ram- Most decorated in the by Saints and Sadhus.

After the great Valmiki, the saints and seers began to celebrate the Ramayana in their language and wrote Ramayana in every language. India that time was Bharat and has more than 1400 languages, and hence the Ramayana became a most famous story and played in this country. It was celebrated across the nation, and the listeners used to listen rather than hear with great devotion and respect.

Hence you will find the great heroes of the country, whether it is Shivaji Maharaj or Maharana Pratap or Swami Vivekananda everyone has the impact of Shree Ram’s life. Shri Goswami Tulsidasji beautifully described Shree Ram’s charitra and it is celebrated in the entire nation.

The only person of humanity

Shree Ramji’s life is a real example of how to live your life when the conditions are not favourable to us. He also teaches us the value of life and his mightiness cannot be described in this article. Even it is stated that maya itself is efficient to explain all the characteristics of Shree Ramji.

Glory to his parents and his courage. We are just meaningless persons who want nothing but blessings of Shree Ram Prabhu.
Jai Shree Ram.
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