Groundwater table is decreasing & we are not having any concern.

It is true that we are about to discuss one of the biggest threat which is not getting any limelight and not having any media coverage neither from national nor from international media.

The groundwater level is shrinking in many parts of our country and it is not considered as a threat till now because no government whether it is local or state or central are working on it.

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The situation is getting worse day-by-day and in upcoming years its effects would be such that no one will be able to stop the adverse effects of this on our agriculture.

Agriculture has been main occupation of India. It is very well know that Agriculture contributes around 23% of annual GDP while it employs 60% of the total labour workforce of India.

It is also known that around 60% to 70% of the total population’s livelihood depends upon the agriculture and its related fields.

Hence Agriculture is very important as it feeds us as well as it employ us.

But the backbone of agriculture is irrigation. Without irrigation it is nearly impossible to go for cultivation.

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The irrigation in our country is depended on the ground water which is shrinking day-by-day.

Overexploitation of groundwater has brought many ill effects which include saltwater encroachment, drying of aquifers, groundwater pollution, water logging and salinity, etc.

Groundwater which is considered as a potable water but in recent some years many places in north as well as in northeast has experienced that the groundwater that they are getting from the hand pump is getting fluoride as well as arsenic.

Which makes it unfit for drinking purposes. Even farming is not possible with such water. Hence the loss has adverse effects.

In many regions the ground water is decreasing at a very high pace of 1-2m/year. This regions come include north Gujarat, southern Rajasthan, Saurashtra, the Coimbatore and Madurai districts of Tamil Nadu, the Kolar district of Karnataka, etc.

According to a report published by David Seckler and his associates in 1998, declining water level can actually decrease the level of harvest by 25%. The report also estimates that India can do better and with the help of effective irrigation.

Let’s take the my view regarding this issue, because it is very important for every individual to understand this. I live in Mumbai and has usual 1 visit to my native place in 3 to 4 years , that is Ballia in Uttar Pradesh.

In 2015, me and my family visited our village as well as my Nanny’s village. What we observed was that every house has its own hand-pump and they use this single hand pump for there drinking, washing, clothing and literally for many things.

We always love this because we are getting huge quantity of water and it is available for every day. Only issue was with electricity which people of remote localities generally ignored.

Next we visited our native place in 2019 and we saw changes which must be noted down. The handpump which was used to have fresh water is slightly saline and people are now using it to wash their clothes and they are forced to move to installing aquaguard.

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I saw this in almost every house of the village and was astonished that no one is worried about this alarm. Even the native citizens were not worried. The only people worried were the old aged group who were having concerns of future.

From this you can get idea that if the water can turn saline in 5 years due to over exploitation then, it is a silent alarm on which we must take suitable steps at both personal and public life.

This was my story which I told you by this article I hope that small changes whether it is shallowing of well or drying of lake or well you can comment here and we will try to put those stories in upcoming articles on this blog.


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