Indian Education System needs to get outcome based learning in its curriculum.

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The main thing about our Indian Education system is that it is entirely based on the result of examination. The examination which we are having at the end of the semester or term are now-a-days are just showing that how hardworking student is ?

But do these results show how much knowledge student has ? Does it shows that student is able to retain and recall the concepts which he learned in his school and his college. Can he apply the same thing in the real world ? Well the questions of this is very obvious and many of you can simply get to the conclusion.

Drawback of current Indian Education System

These questions might recall you the situation of Bihar’s topper, but it was one case. It was in the UP when CM Yogi Adityanath was new CM, and he recited an incident when a 5th grade child was not able to solve a question from 3rd grade. This is not about UP or Bihar only but it is the current situation of whole India.

Indian Education System which has focused on the memorisation, even the entire exams whether it is of 1st grade or of 12th grade or higher studies all are focused on memorisation only. It is very hard to see the analysis and application part.

Due to such a prolonged period, the brain of maximum students organised into memory solving problems, which are generally theoretical, steps based or formula based. The questions based on application and mentality will be very difficult and it seems to be very hard.

But if we would be more focused on the mentality and application, then they might not need to worry about these things. They might understand and apply the concepts in the real world and we might be producing intellect based on reality rather than based on a sheet of paper.

If you take the paper of any exam paper whether it is from central or state you will observe that they are actually based on the previous 10 to 20 years paper. The idea, concepts, application, and majority of things are same. Hence you will find a lot of books are based on “Previous Years’ Questions” and the demand of such books are very high and they got sold easily.

Reduce the importance of memory-based exams.

So in order to get rid of this examination cycle we need to change or I say eliminate the examination or reduce its importance. We need to focus on each students’ mental, physical, emotional and intellect growth. His analysis skills should also increased and he must be ready to counter the real life scenarios.

The thing which I would like to say that many tech industries are there but they are not hiring the will qualified engineers because they are not able to clear their test. If some are cleared then they are send to training, and if in training they sees that they are not competence then they are removed as many companies are not signing bond with them.

This was the main result for the unemployment issue which is rising in our country because they are not competent enough! It might be awkward but if you see and ask these people about their branch then you will get enough idea about how these people are in a trapped that they are educated. But now the demand is for those who are well educated and well nurtured into the reality.

If we can create these minds then we can have better people with better society and if they didn’t get the job due to lack of opportunities, then they will create their own. If they can have these skill then this will not only going to create more number of jobs but this will only going to make our country from developing to developed.

The risk appetite will not be there in the mind of youngsters but there would be calculated risk.

But we know that we need to start it from lower grades. We need to change the Indian Education System.

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