India’s double standard is not good for India-Israel relations.

India and the entire world is seeing what is happening in the Middle East. Thousands of rockets has been launched and many people has lost their lives in deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas. The reason is not known for conflict but this conflict might affect the healthy relations of the Israel and India.

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Israel & India are having great relations in terms of economic, defense, scientific, diplomatic, agricultural and much more emotional. The Israel which is the only country pf the Jews. Jews are an important part of the Abrahamic religion. They follow the Judaism and you can read below articles in order to get a quick glimpse of Israel and its strength.

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Israel Iron Dome is protecting Israel, India needs to have for China & Pakistan.

Due to the tensions between Israel and Hamas a meeting was called at the OIC( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and even at the United Nation Security Council where India is also a part for two year as Non-Permanent Member. Hence India also got a opportunity to clear its stand on the Israel and Hamas conflict.

From India, T.S. Trimurti is the permanent representative in the UNSC and has represented the views of India as a nation in the UNSC. He represented India and its government on this issue. Lets analyze the views of India on Israel-Hamas conflict, we will also explain that how this thing might affect the India-Israel relations.

India view on Israel-Hamas Conflict

India on 16th of May, said that India condemns the attack on the Israel from Ghaza strip which is killing the civilians, but while talking it didn’t said anything about Hamas. It is also noted that India in the conclusion said that we strongly support to the Palestinian cause and unwavering two-state solution.

Israel itself is against the two state resolution. Israel in this meeting only stated that it is the Hamas which is using Palestinian Civilians as the Human Shield. India in its total statement hasn’t taken the name of the Hamas organization which is the main cause of this issue. Even it didn’t take the name of terror oranization and anything similar to terror oranization.

India-Israel similar situations

India is not doing this for the first time but it didn’t supported the resolution of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. This resolution was supported by the USA and it backed this resolution in 2017. Besides all this Israel has supported India on its Balakot strike. It is worth to mention over here that Israel supported this move of India and condemned the terrorist organization. Remember till Feb 2019, Masood was not declared as Global Terrorist.

Till now too, Hamas is considered to be terrorist organization by Israel, UK, USA, Japan, EU and many more. But it is still not declared as Terrorist organization due to Russia and China and all Islamic States. Even in 2018, when US tried to put Hamas as terrorist organization, it got rejected by United Nations General Assembly. The same thing was for Masood Azhar too, when China used its veto power and protected masood many times.

The same things are happening to Israel too and its also having the same situation of India where India is surrounded by the enemies and Israel too. Israel is the only powerful nation where Jews are in majority the same thing goes for India too where India is the only powerful nation on the planet where Hindus are in majority. Nepal is there but it is not as much as powerful or big.

Israel -Friend of India

Now both Israel and India is having a major problem of borders as well as terrorism. India and Israel must supports each other in order to bring peace which is essential for the development and the prosperity of the nation. It must be noted that Israeli Jews are having a very soft corner for the people of India as India is the only place in the globe where Jews were neither persecuted nor tortured. Great example of this is General J. F. R. Jacob.

Hence India needs to support the Israel as it is a very helping in defense and it should learn lessons from the Israel in order to combat the external forces which are trying to create unstability in our country. Even we both nations are having the similar issues hence we need to stand together but due to the illogical understanding of the Government of India it is trying to create a faith among Palestine which is ultimately going to support the Pakistan.

Our country’s leader thinks that if we support the Israel it might effect the Muslims of our country. It was the thinking of the previous government. As they were having Muslim vote bank.

But now let’s ask a question to ourself that is it going to affect the Muslim population of our own country. To understand this thing we must observe the previous events where the elite people were saying that it will create a hovac in the country.

India should support Israel

The very first event was about that if Modi will come to power then the Muslim will become 2nd class citizen of this country. Then the Ram Mandir Verdict which was accepted by both Hindus as well as Muslims of the country without any conflict. The same things happend for article 370 where they said that there would be no one in Kashmir to hold tiranga but all this cowardice statements given by the pseudo leaders of the Muslim went away.

So the main point over here is that the Indian Muslims are not getting any effect from such foreign things. Even they were not aware about the Hamas and all this conflicts of Israel and Arab because the Muslim of this country is living here and not in Palestine or Israel. The main problem is created by the local leaders who are educated illiterate. This people are real issues and government must take action against this politicians and their co-workers.

Hence the Government of India which is currently the most stable and one of the powerfull government in terms of number should take decision without any political appeasement. As Israel is a country with great importance and it will help India to create her fortune in science and technology as Israelis are considered to be genious as they are having more than 200 Nobel Prize.

India should not forget that when our radar was not able to locate the Pakistanis in the Kargil War, then Israel helped us to locate the Pakistanis and destroy them. Even they shared their satellite images with Indian army and with help of Israel we won the battle of Kargil. It must be noted that during this period Israel was in constant pressure of USA, but it helped us when we required it most. Hence we need to support the Israel as we are indebted by Israeli. We must assure that wherever Israel require as we need to support him.

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Israel is today standing alone in this battle where the OIC is trying to create international pressure on the Israel. Even the Presiden of Turkey said that we need to have a common army which will protect the Palestinians. Even the all Muslim majority is today standing with the Palestine only.

Hence incumbent government of India needs to think twice about taking any stance as Israel will never take any thing against us. We must remember that Indira Gandhi gained the respect from around the world due to her ability to take strong decisions. It was the quality of strong determination make her one of the best pm of India.

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