Is China involved in the making of deadliest pandemic ? [2021]

China which is now widely getting criticism and getting allegations that it had created the COVID-19 virus and created a biological weapon. It must be noted that we are getting a lot of news and many things are coming after 1 and half years, the speculations regarding man made virus are becoming more and more suspicious. China’s involvement in COVID-19 is a matter of serious enquiry and probe.

Is China involved in the making of deadliest pandemic ?

China is currently the largest country of the world with respect to the population, military might and GDP(Purchasing Power Parity). World knows that it is the Global Factory for the world. Every innovation and invention is majorly dependent on China. China might emerge as a global threat to USA’s dominance. 

China’s involvement in COVID-19 – A matter of probe

There is no doubt that China is the place where this COVID-19 virus originated but the name of this disease came out to be COVID-19. And when the WHO team tried to reach and check the origin of the COVID-19 virus they landed in China but the Chinese government cunningly quarantined them for 15 days.

Within these 15 days the Army of China took control of Wuhan City. These things are very suspicious and it is speculated that within this period of time they removed every possible evidence that might raise questions on China. The Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is declared as a research center for pathogens studies, was declared a civilian institute.

In this Wuhan lab only the military scientist Zhou Yusen was working. Now the question arises here is how a military officer was working there. Even though he is the same person who had filed a patent for COVID-19 vaccine, it must be noted that he filed this on 24th February 2020 before the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.   

World became more suspicious of China when Zhou Yusen died under mysterious circumstances. Zhou Yusen was a highly respected scientist in the army and whenever someone of this position died in China they were honored but here China didn’t do anything.

All things which are coming are raising many questions against China and it is getting more complex. Even the WHO should be taken accountable because they never asked any question to China. They simply denied the accusation against China and called it a conspiracy theory. A probe must be initiated in order to check China’s involvement in COVID-19.   

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