Israel Iron Dome is protecting Israel, India needs to have for China & Pakistan.

The rocket attack on Israel by the Ghaza Strip is neutralised by the Iron Dome. Iron Dome is an air defense system developed by the Israeli firm named as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, with financial and technical support from the United States.

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Israel its history

Israel which is having just a small population, is always being targeted by the Islamic countries of the middle east. The all middle east and its neighbours are enemy of Israel. Despite of having enemies, Israel is supported by many western countries like England, America, France. Even a peace treaty was signed between Israel and Saudi Arabia too.

Israel is also supported by India and it is a good friend of India too. It must be noted that during the war of Kargil, Israel gave us technical support despite being pressurised by the United States. Israel at that time provided its satelite images by which the army able to trace the Pakistani soldiers.

Israel, most effective

Israel is the only country of the Jews. It got its freedom in the 1947. It must be noted that Jews are the people who had received more than 200+ Nobel prize. It must be noted that the people of Israel are having great intellect and a desire to excel in their career and make their nation as a better place ever. Read this article on Haaretz.

It must be noted that Israel has a very strong hold on their people as well as their politicians are very matured and they think only about their nation. It must be noted that Israel opposition as well as ruling party both came together and they had same stand with respect to the National Security.

Israel is now getting rocket attacks from the Ghaza Strip and Hamas. It must be noted that the largest city Tel Aviv too was targeted. Have a look at this tweet done by the official tweeter handle of the Israel Defense Forces. It says that around 1050 rockets have been fired at Israel. The tweet is just 6 hrs old.

Israel Iron Dome is able to neutralize the rockets launched by the Hamas. It must be noted that the hardware of this air missile defense system is 10 years old but it got a new software too launch. The official tweeter handle of Israel Defense Forces tweeted this video.

India needs Israel’s Iron Dome

This defense mechanism is very powerful and United States too have it. Yes it bought it from the Israel. It must be noted that India is sorrounded by the biggest terror hub of the world that is Pakistan and it is surrounded by the biggest active army and biggest economy that is China.

China and Pakistan both are having friendly alliance while India is between this two countries. India is procuring the S400 missile system, but it must be noted that China is also having the same missile defense system. Hence India needs to prepare in order to counter western as well as eastern front.

India is suppose to stop the procurement but it should hire people from the Israel as well as from the United States and with the brilliant minds of DRDO it can too develop such air missile defense system. Procurement is never an option as it does not allowed the experiments too happen in the world.

Israel is also a country which produces highest amount of Scientists from its small population which is even lesser than Delhi or Mumbai. Israel is not only defending itself but it is also attacking the Ghaza strip too. In one of the tweet it said that Israel is able to locate the terrorist base in the Ghaza Strip and before the terrorist could place an UAV attack Israel forces launched an attack.

We also need to support the IndiawithIsrael tweeter handle in order to give a digital support to Israel from India.

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