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The world is looking at the conflict between the Israel and Hamas (which is present in Palestine state). The conflict is gaining more destruction and gaining more attention from around the world. The conflict is increasing day-by-day with more death and the world.

The Israel Defense Forces has recently confirmed that till today they had attacked Israel with more than 2000 rockets. The IDF also declared that they had retaliated by destroying the military intelligence site, rocket launch sites, surface-to-surface rocket launch sites and two terrorists squad.

Israel Iron Dome is protecting Israel, India needs to have for China & Pakistan.

Israel clear stand on Hamas Terror Organization

The Israel Defense Forces are having the pride that they are going to continue with this and will end up when the Hamas terror organization surrunders to Israeli forces. Even the Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, said that we are going to hit them very hard and there would be no place in this world where they can flee.

Israel is also in no doubt whether to have defensive or offensive attack. It is cleared that Israel is having one of the best defense systems that is going to protect the its citizens as the rockets launched by the Hamas Terrorists. A terror organization is having nothing to do with the citizens or any international laws. Hamas is a terror spreading organization which justifies its terror on the name of the Freedom to Palestine.

Even if we observe the organizationl structure of the Hamas you will get to know that Hamas create its base or tunnel in such a way that it should be surrounded by either a religious place, hospital, school or a place where they can have their point to say that look Israel is killing innocent people or children of Palestine. In this way only they are working as they can’t defeat Israel in one-to-one combat.

Even the Israel Defense Forces knew this cowardice strategy of the Hamas to put children and women in the front. IDF today shared a map where a Hamas tunnel is situated very close to a kindergarten and a mosque.

The structure shows that if the Israel targets this tunnel then it might happen that there would be loss to lives of the civilians. This is what Hamas wanted and it is doing the same thing. Israel knows it better thanks to MOSSAD. In the official tweet from the IDF, they said that we had targeted this tunnel. This totally exposes the Hamas and it must be raised in the international media as well as in international forums.

Why Israel can’t loose even one war?

The main answer behind this particular question is the history of the Jews who were tortured for more than 2000 years and they became state less and the way the Nazis killed around 6 million Jews. After a long period of 2000 years or might be more than they got their own land but the land itself is surrounded by the Islamic countries who want to end the Israel.

The Six Day War which Israel won is one of the example where we see that Arabs of the Middle East can’t tolerate a very small and prosperous nation of Jewish. Just take a hypothetical situation what would happened if the Israel lost that war? The same things which happened to Jews till 1948. They will became slave for more than 2000 years. This might be the last chance as they might loose their identities like Egypt, Mesopotamia or Rome had lost.

Hence they understood that they can’t afford to loose any single war in present or in future. Hence a strong military was the need and they developed this with the efforts of their citizens and government. Israel which is surrounded by the enemies only and it has no friends in his neighborhood. They also knew that they are suppose to strong from internal as well as in the external. Hence, they need to have a strong intellect as well and MOSSAD was born in order to spy their enemies.

Israel has developed its economy as well as its military because they knew that if you want to use your military you need to have a good economy hence, you will see that Israel is usually comes under one of the most powerful nations of the world. It must be noted that Israel has a policy of training their people whether it is women or men. The every citizen of Israel is trained.

Israel on Muslim alliance

As we see that the Lebanon which is located to the north of the Israel, and it was having a minor involvement in the Six Day War too. Lebanon which is having Islam as a biggest religion comprising 57% of population. It must be noted that around three rockets were fired from the southern part of the Lebanon.

This southern part of Lebanon is usually considered to be the home for the Palestinian militant as well as the Hezbollah which is a Shiite group backed by Iran. It must be noted that all three rockets landed into the MediterraneanĀ sea and there were no sirens were involved as it is unpopulated zone. It must be noted that they were trying to target the Haifa City.

Turkey and Pakistan also held the meeting regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Both Imran and Erdogan held meeting and it seemed that they are against the Israel. Erdogan said that we need to have a clear stance and who is not standing with us they are against us. Even they are thinking that if Israel can capture the whole Jerusalem then they might take control of Mecca, Medina, Istanbul and Islamabad. Read more.

It must be noted that neither the PM neither the officials of Israel responded to this thing. It seemed that Israel does not want take any steps back or either it is not getting affected by these alliances.

Israel is a very friendly nation to India and hence we should support the Israel.

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