Mediapart says Rafale Scam was real | Lets check it | George Soros

Mediapart a self called France-based online investigating agency founded by the Edwy Plenel. The main hero is George Soros.

The mediapart which has published this report on 4th of April. And according to this they had clearly said that it was a scam sponsored by the government of India.

George Soros
Image Credit: Open Society Foundation

According to the, it states that French Anti-corruption Agency(AFA) has found that the Dassault company has given 1 Million Euro to a middleman, while signing this contract they also claimed that this is a complete scam done by the Government of India. Since Supreme Court has already rejected any scam in the Rafale deal done between India and France.

Meanwhile, if we see that Mediapart which has its base in the France and it is usually considered as a Left-Leaning platform. The founder of Mediapart is Edwy Plenel who is a far Leftist. He is a well known journalist in France but due to this report on India they want to gain subscribers from India too. Lets understand this.

Why Mediapart and Edwy Plenel ?

Mediapar tweeter handle has tweeted and retweeted around 24 times about their report on Rafale Scam. But despite having 2.7 million followers they got merely 200 or 300 retweets on each tweet. This thing clearly shows that how much desperate they are! Tweeting ssamething for nearly 24 times, it is not a joke.

But their Founder Edwy Plenel too tweeted the same thing more than 10 times, we don’t know why, but they are very much desperate to get popularity in India. The Mediapart tweeter handle has pinned this report as well.

It is also noted that due to this report only the a hashtag has been launched by the left oriented media and the opposition of the country, where they are trying to proof that it was a scam.

On this the Ravishankar Prasad, the Cabinet Minister dismiss the allegations and said that CAG has already cleared that.

Mediapart has declared without completion of Investigation

The government of India is getting attacked by the opposition whether it is the correct or not the time is going to say. We can have patience as the investigation is in process and mediapart in their own article said that AFA has not said it to prosecution authorities. It either means that investigation is either incomplete or it is yet to complete.


But basis on this the Mediapart has said that it is a state sponsored scam. If there is a loopholes then first wait for the investigation by AFA. Then we can blame each other and meanwhile declaring any corruption is a state sponsored, itself is a way to heat the Indian Market.


As it is entirely a subscription based website and you cannot read any article without having subscription. The title itself is very attractive and it can easily penetrate the opposition leaders of India.

Read the entire article on this tweet.

Sorry but why you are supposed to waste your one euro.

George Soros is everywhere

Georeg Soros is the person who is behind Narendra Modi and his government from a long time hence, his name is coming in each and every suspected attack on India from International markets.

George Soros name is always getting linked directly or indirectly in India’s affairs even his Open Society is funding almost all digital meadia news that are left oriented and against the modi government.

Even he has donated nearly 1 Billion $ to finish the Far Right Wing government from the world. Now lets understand the relations between mediapart and george soros and edwy plenel.

Accrording to a article published by the Katehon, it states that Mediapart which has a team of just four members out of this 2 are associated with Open Society Foundation and mediapart is funded by the Open Society Foundation.

In this article, it is well written that how George Soros is linked with Mediapart by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

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