Modi Government does not care about the protests.

The Modi government is not thinking about their image due to the recent protests of the farmers. Not today but they had never gave any importance to the any protest in their 7 years of modi’s government.

If we see a time when the Anti Corruption protest that was started in the Congress lead UPA, gained such a huge importance and it became a national protest due to lakhs of people participation in the Anna Hazare’s movement or Ramdev Baba’s protest against the Black Money.

Modi Image
Modi Image

At these times the protest was not supported by the institutes like Jamia or JNU but may some students took active participation. The protests was having a leader and was able to talk to the government representative. There was not ideological difference between the protesters and at that time too the opposition has indirect support to the protest.

Even when Ramdev was arrested then that time Chief Minister of Gujarat, and present Prime Minister Narendra Modi highly criticised the Congress by relating the acts done by the government to the Ravana. At that time Akhilesh, Mayawati, Advani, Sushma, almost everyone present in the opposition criticised the act.

But if you see the recent period of two to three years then the entire things has been changed the protest is not organised it does not have any leader or representative and they don’t have any demands. This is the CAA protest which broke into the Delhi Violence.

The Farmers protest which is currently loosing its strength according to this article of Dainik Bhaskar. The protest is going on despite the presence of Khalistanis, which was proved by installing a Khalistani Flag at the Red Fort Delhi.

The Modi who while thanking to the President’s address said that there is rise of the ‘Aandolanjivi’. And he further clarifies that the Andolanjivi are those people who are oftenly seen in any protest whether it is Anti-CAA or Farmers Protest or any protest where the Modi’s government is criticised.

The Modi is cleared in his mind and even his MPs are also clear that we are not going to take any step back and we are not going to amend too. If you watch his speech then you will get the clear idea about what he said. He also said that we need to implement new rules according to the given time.

Despite getting the support and every essential commodities, the farmers protest is not becoming a issue now-a-days as the whole national media is covering the elections only. The strength of the permanent farmers are also reduced to merely 10000 from 40000. The temporary strength of farmers are nearly 30000. (All these numbers are just the estimation as no register is there and it is from various media sources)

Modi is above all criticism

Narendra Modi when he came to power in the Delhi, within the first year the so called “Darr Ka Mahol” and “Increasing Intolerance against Minorities” were at the peak of that time and it gain momentum from the Bollywood’s best Aamir SRK to evnen the Barack Obama that time US’s president. But this thing was initiated by the Pranab Mukherjee that time president of the India. But Aamir and SRK became the victims of the Right Wing.

After this he did demonetisation and a protest by the political parties became inevitable. But this protest didn’t create any impact on the Modi’s brain. After this he implemented GST and then also a protest broke out but it was silenced as there is no impact on Modi. Even in this phase the BJP won the Uttar Pradesh with a huge margin.

After this the Congress and insignificant opposition tried to defame Modi’s image on the name of the rafale and raised many allegations against him based on the unemployment and mob lynching cases. The only thing a opposition does try to defame the incumbent government so that they can come in the power. These things every political parties does. As we know that first principle of any political party is to have their government.

Despite all these things the Modi came to power with a huge majority in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Modi beliefs in the people of India which are going to vote them. He does not belief in the crowd of the political gathering where we saw a huge crowd of thousands of workers.

He seems to be very confident about his political strategy to win the states. To have such similar feeds follow us on the

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