Mumbai Open Agains from 7 June 2021- Know the Restrictions and Relaxations

The Mayor of Mumbai, Mrs Kishori Pednekar, came live and addressed a press conference and released press note about the restrictions which people must follow in order to curb the corona virus infections.

Mumbai Open Agains from 7 June 2021- Know the Restrictions and Relaxations

Here are some Guidelines:

  1. Local Trains in Mumbai are closed for Normal People. It is open for the essential services.
  2. Malls, Theater are closed in Mumbai
  3. Garden and playground are open from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
  4. The Salon, Beauty Parlour, GYM, can be opened but it should be without AC. If AC is seen on then actions will be taken against them.
  5. Hotels, Restaurant shall be opened till 4:00 clock with 50% occupancy.
  6. Social/cultural/entertainment gatherings are allowed at 50% capacity till 4 PM.
  7. Only 50% capacity for meetings related to local or cooperative bodies.
  8. Agricultural activities are allowed to operate till 4:00 PM.
  9. Private offices to be opened till 4:00 PM with 50% occupancy.
  10. Outdoor sports are allowed from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM in morning and 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in evening.
  11. Construction sites with labour is allowed to operate till 4:00 PM. Labour should leave the site by 4:00 PM.
  12. Shooting is allowed in bubble and there should be no movement after 5:00 PM.
  13. BEST Buses in Mumbai are allowed to operate on 100% capacity. No standees are allowed in BEST Buses.
  14. Inter district travel is allowed by private vehicles such as car/taxi/bus is allowed.
  15. If it is long distance then train is also allowed but if destination is under 5 level then an E-pass is mandatory.
  16. Essential shops to operate till 4:00 PM on all days.
  17. Non-essentials shops to be open till 4:00 PM on weekdays.
  18. E-commerce is regular
  19. Cargo movement is allowed with maximum 3 persons.
  20. For construction only onsite labour is allowed.

These were the restrictions put by the BMC, as Mumbai is also opening from today.

For more : Check this tweet from the MYBMC.

1. Are gyms open in Mumbai?

Ans- Yes, but it would be without AC.

2. Will malls be open in Mumbai?

Ans- No malls, theaters will be closed.

3. Are restaurants open in Mumbai?

Ans- Yes it is open

4. Who is allowed to travel in Mumbai local train?

Ans- Only essential services people are allowed.

5. Can general public travel in Mumbai local train?

Ans-No, as per new restrictions from 7th June, it is not allowed.

6. Is Mumbai local running?

Ans- Yes, it is open.

7. Who all can travel in Mumbai local?

Ans- All who are involved in essential services can travel.

8. Are BEST buses available in Mumbai?

Ans- Yes it is available with 100% occupancy, but no standees are allowed.

9. Has movie theaters reopen in Mumbai?

Ans- As per new guidelines by the BMC, theatres with single or multiplexes are not allowed to open.

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