Narendra Modi and his handling of COVID-19 pandemic

Narendra Modi who is currently leading the government of India. Today we are going to see the outcome of his handling of COVID-19 in India. Today we are going to discuss the India and the world in terms of testing and vaccination too.

Narendra Modi is leading the world’s second largest populous country, behind China. When you see India, India is currently seeing the same fate of Uttar Pradesh. On Uttar Pradesh we had already published an article dedicated to Yogi’s handling of COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh. Kindly read this article.

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India which is having 134 crores of population is currently at the number three in the total number of COVID-19 deaths. Even on the number of total cases, it stands on second position. Now if you compare this with the developed countries, then you will come to know about that India is still in better position with respect to America or United Kingdom.


Now you need to look at the other country lets combine the UK, USA and Brazil, you will come to know that the combine population of these 3 countries is 60 crores, which is not even the half population of India. Now the average per capita(PPP) of these combine nation is nearly 43,000 US $. Which is very high!

Now have a look at India where per capita (PPP) is of just 7000 US Dollars, which is one fourth of 43000 US Dollars. Since India is having one of the lowest per capita (PPP) but it is still in better conditions than these nations. Even if we take the all nations of Europe and North America, then also you will be surprised about the COVID-19 tally. Usually the European and north American nations are considered as prosperous and even they are richer than a third world country like India.

Now if you will see the situation of India at the time when India reported its first COVID case, then at that time we were having just one single testing lab, not making ventilators, no production of N95 masks, but now we are having more than 2500 COVID testing labs and even we are exporting ventilators to different countries. When second wave of COVID-19 hit us we were just producing 900MT oxygen per day, but now today we are able to produce more than 9500 MT of oxygen per day.

We had increased the rate by 10 times and we are on the path to make an end to the second COVID wave. But in the meantime we need to prepare ourselves for the third COVID wave and we need to vaccinate everyone till December. India is the currently the largest producer of the vaccines in the world. For this we need to increase the pace of COVID vaccination. Currently we are vaccinating 20 lakhs per day, but if we want to vaccinate the rest 114 crore people then we must have atleast 60 lakhs per day.

Reaching this figure is such a huge task but we are assuming that the vaccines production will be enhanced in up coming months. We must believe in the COVID guidelines and we are suppose to wear mask and stay at home unless it is needed.

Look at this number:

This is from the Dr. Gaurav Pradhan, who is on Gab. His id is The main reason we need to praise Modi but it is not so, second thing he must be criticised for economy.

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