NCP Protest at Devendra Fadnavis’s house for Eknath Nimgade’s murder case.

NCP Leader Ved Prakash Arya and his party workers went to protest at the house of Devendra Fadnavis in Nagpur at this time Devenra Fadnavis is at his Mumbai Residence.

The protest was was regarding an enquiry for the death of Nagpur based architect Mr Eknath Nimgade. Even they burnt the putla of Devendra Fadnavis.

Who was Eknath Nimgade ?

Eknath Nimgade was a acrchitect from the Nagpur and according to a article by Freepressjournal, he was having wealh of 200 Crores and according to the CP of Nagpur, everyone was aiming for his wealth.

On 6th of September 2016, the Ranjit Saphelkar and his men killed him at the Central Avenue near to Lal Chowk he was killed by firing of 8 round bullets. This incident happened at the 8:00 pm.

This case is near to its completion as the 16 accused has been arrested. The case was moved to CBI and it has been solved according to a report by Times Of India. Many people from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh were hired to kill the 72 year old Eknath Nimgade.

Why NCP workers are protesting?

The main reason is politics which we are seeing, from the death of SSR, everything in the Maharashtra is getting politicised by the opposition leaders of the Maharashtra, but now the NCP too is seeming to do the same thing here.

The situation of Maharashtra is not good as everything is getting political motivation.

Ankit D

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