Neeraj Chopra won Gold at Tokyo Olympics in Javelin Throw.

On Saturday evening, Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. After defeating world number one Johannes Vetter in the men’s javelin throw finals, the Indian achieved the feat.

Neeraj Chopra
Neeraj Chopra

In addition, this was India’s first Olympic medal in athletics. Neeraj got things started with a massive 87.03m and then aced it in the second attempt.

Neeraj Chopra’s performance in Tokyo Olympic

Neeraj got things started with a huge 87.03m and then aced it in the second attempt with an even bigger 87.58m. The Indian’s third and fourth attempts, however, were unsuccessful. Neeraj threw 84.24 metres in his fifth and final attempt.

Neeraj’s opening 87.03m was enough to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, as none of the other twelve competitors broke the 87.03m barrier.

Jakub Vadlejch and Vtzslav Vesel of the Czech Republic won silver and bronze, respectively. Vadlejch’s best throw of 86.67m, good for silver, came in his fifth attempt. Vesel came in third with an 85.44m throw.

Czeh Republicans performance

With a massive 86.65m throw, Neeraj qualified for the finals and also won the qualifying round. Norway’s Andreas Thorkildsen holds the Olympic record with a 90.57m, which he achieved in Beijing Olympics in 2008.

While the world record, which is 98.48m is held by Czech Republic’s Jan Železný, a milestone scripted in 1996. Andrian Mardare of Moldova began the competition by throwing 81.16 metres in his first attempt.

Neeraj also got off to a good start in the competition, throwing 87.03 metres in his first attempt, which was also better than his qualifying round performance.

Meanwhile, Vtzslav Vesel of the Crezh Republic, who started the competition with throws of 79.73m and 80.30m, jumped to second place with an 85.44m throw in the third round.

How it started for Neeraj Chopra

After a first-round throw of 85.30 metres, German javelin thrower Julian Weber came the closest to the Indian, while Vetter threw 82.52 metres. Nadeem of Pakistan, who shared the podium with Chopra, had a poor run-up but still managed to break the 82.40m barrier in his first attempt.

Neeraj closed the opening round as the top performer and then went on to better his previous mark by recording 87.58m mark in his second attempt. The Indian knew right from the moment he released the javelin as he put his hands up in joy. This throw then eventually helped Neeraj clinch the gold medal.  

As it stood, Neeraj took the lead with an 87.58m throw in the second attempt, followed by Vesel in second place. Weber took third place with an 85.30m mark in the first attempt.

Neeraj Chopra’s throws

In his second and third attempts, Neeraj’s biggest foe Vetter slipped on the track. Pakistan’s Nadeem suffered the same fate, and Weber, who finished second to the Indian, threw 77.9 metres on his second attempt. Neeraj missed his third attempt and only managed 76.79m, but he was still in first place due to his second-round attempt.

Vetter, Neeraj’s biggest threat and the world number one, failed to advance to the next round after three attempts. After three attempts, the German finished ninth, effectively eliminating him from contention. In his first attempt, Vetter ran 82.52 metres, but in his next two attempts, he was fouled.

After both Neeraj and second-placed Vesel committed fouls in the fourth attempt, their throws were not counted. Then, in the fifth round, Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlejch made a brilliant attempt to knock out his countryman Vesel, jumping to second place. In the fifth round, Vadlejch had thrown 86.67 metres.

India begins Celebration

As soon as India grab the Gold after 12 years earlier it was done by Abhinav Bindra. The entire country started celebration as the guy from Haryana make India’s tricolour fly high.

Neeraj Chopra dedicated this medal to the legendary athlete Milkha Singh. From CM to PM and President everyone in the entire country congratulated him for the success.

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