Opposition is the main issue we need to have stronger one.

The all things started when the Sanjay Raut, the Rajya Sabha MP and senior Shiv Sena leader again said that Sharad Pawar should be installed as new chief of the UPA. Since Sanjay Raut’s party is not in the UPA, he faced criticism from senior Congress leaders of Maharashtra.

According to Raut, that if we want to counter the BJP at national level we can do it by strengthening the opposition which is not united and it must be strengthen. But at the same time if we look at the numbers then we will see that the opposition is very much diversified on various issues whether it was 370, CAA, Farm Bills or Triple Talaq.

Sanjay Raut who is a very close to the Uddhav Thackeray and one of the very close associate of the Balasaheb Thackeray. Despite this he has very deep understanding of the issues related to politics and whatever he says is the thinking of the Thackeray Family.

BJP is becoming stronger and stronger

Currently the BJP which is getting more and more stronger as it might get good results in the West Bengal elections according to the recent poll opinion. Then it might happen that the multiparty system of India might get converted into the single party system that is the vanishes the entire opposition. It is never good for any democracy to not have any opposition. Read this article because Modi’s BJP does not consider protest.

But at the same time Sanjay Raut is able to observe all this and hence he is focusing to change the leader of the opposition in order to stop BJP from getting monopoly in Indian Politics. But what he is focusing on he wants Sharad Pwar to lead the UPA alliance.

His thinking might cost them the current MVA coalition. But his thinking is correct but it is not good as the Uddhav’s government is supported by the Congress. As the Congress is founding member of the UPA and Sonia Gandhi was the lady who founded it and run it successfully.

Changing the leader will not be acceptable to various senior leaders of the Congress. It might be problem to Shiv Sena as well if they join UPA, they have sit with AIUDF and IUML while these two are parties might have problem with inclusion of Shiv Sena as there is battle of ideology.

Young leaders must be given chance

If it happens to then, is the Sharad Pawar who is currently at the age of 80 years will he able to assemble the power of 26 parties in the Lok Sabha and 24 parties in the Rajya Sabha. We don’t know the exact answer but at this age it is not possible.

Opposition must be lead by the middle age groups like what the BJP is doing the BJP always used to change their leaders from Atal-Advani to Modi-Rajnath to Modi-Shah and it might get converted to Shah-Yogi. Because if you see the Margdarshak Mandal there you will find Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi as these are one of the most senior leaders of the BJP.


In the same manner the leader of the opposition should be young and dynamic in order to counter the BJP in the Parliament as well as in the rallies. He must be able to campaign for the strong and good opposition leaders against the BJP.

Young Talented Leaders at National Politics

He or she must know and should have extraordinary communication skills like the BJP is having and he or she must gain the momentum at national level. Today as we see the young leaders are Deepender Hooda, YSRCP’s JS Reddy, Sachin Pilot, Ajit Pawar, Akhilesh Yadav, Tejashvi Yadav but in order to bring these leaders first the old ones need to move and create a room for them to come in this manner only the opposition can make people aware about the opposition.

The BJP which is now under the JP Nadda is ready to take Amit Shah as its next leader and every state leader is agree to this as well. So everyone in the BJP is clear and their aim is too. But in opposition every strong party’s leader is god for their party workers and everyone wants their leader to be the Supreme Leader. The problem with opposition is that they are not able to recognise the new leaders but want to have the 80 years old to lead opposition which is not possible.

YSRCP example

Now the main thing is that there is always a hope, lets understand and move to south India, where a party which was founded by the YSR’s son is in the lead and is having total 28 member in the Indian Parliament and one most important thing is that many people here are youngsters it means they are able to get into the field and can get the idea about the people’s issues and can represent it in the parliament as well.

We need to utilise the Youth Power of India because we are having it and we need to move from the old idea to have only the old ones in the politics but we need to have young and dynamic people who are willing to work on the ground. The main reason of success of the YSRCP is not due to the image of YSR but it is more due to the efforts put by his son YS Jaganmohan Reddy who is always praised by Narendra Modi.

YSRCP is becoming strong due to its support from the youngsters as youngsters only understand youngsters. The opposition must try to fill the position of leader from the young generation leaders like Sachin Pilot, Hardik Patel and many more. But congress here is not doing anything as I had explained these things in the this article. But the congress is only one of the component of opposition the others parties need to adopt the same model as YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh and AAP in Delhi and TMC in the West Bengal is doing. NCP should elect Ajit Pawar as its National President. Aditya Thackeray who is in State Politics should move to Delhi.

If the leaders are of 80 years of the age then they might be able to go for the rallies and hence their closest one might be running the entire campaign which might demoralise those canditates who are working 24*7 hrs for their elections and we people of India might loose a good candidate.

All the parties should adopt BJP’s way in order to counter the BJP and if they are not able to present the power of opposition in the parliament then it is of no use of having such leader. We hope that the leader of our country might get idea about having new ones in the national as well as in the state politics to solve issues of the people and youngsters and may our country progress in the hands of youngsters.

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