Republic Day 2021- A pride moment for every Indian

Welcome ardent readers, it is just few days left and we are going to celebrate our 72nd Republic Day that is Republic Day 2021. It is one of the national festival of India and it would be celebrated across India. India and its 1.3 billion people will enjoy and celebrate their national day.

Republic Day 2021 Celebration: No Chiefguest, but will show solidarity with Rafale.

The great republic day parade will be visible and President of India Dr. Ramnath Kovind will have a great speech. India will witness this day as very auspicious to show its strength with Rafale and show its diversified but united culture. Besides this thing there is also a news that there would be no chiefguest.

republic day 2021

India celebrates Republic Day on 26th January because the Indian Constitution adopted by Government of India was came into force on 26th January, 1950. From this day onwards we started celebrating our Republic Day.

To achieve this day India and its people fought for about 800 years. The constitution which enable us to form our own government and gave us freedom, fraternity, equality, rights, democratic values and most important the pride and honour which is necessary in ones life.

The law of land comes into picture from 1950 and hence we declared as republic day. The main motive behind any festive is to enjoy your day and celebrate your national heroes who fought for us and welfare of our life.

India needs to celebrate its heroes and India needs to acknowledge them.

We hope that you will enjoy and have a great respect and love. Wishing you a great republic day.

We hope that you are enjoying. What’s your way to respect your national heroes ?

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