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SabLokTantra channel which was very popular youtube channel deleted from the Youtube and even when he tried to create channels then his two subsequent channels were deleted.


Within 2 days, 3 channels has been deleted out of these two were very popular that is the SabLokTantra and Truth & Dare, these two were the main channel and were having a total base of 1 million subscribers.

It is not the first time that a person from the Sanatan Community’s channel has been deleted but it is becoming a routine of the YouTube to delete or demonetize the channel that openly support the Right-Wing and celebrate their cultural identity of being a Hindu.

SabLokTantra and Truth & Dare – Know them-

“SabLokTantra” and “Truth & Dare ” were the two channels where the Rachit Kaushik used to create content and serve his 1000000 viewers. He was a strong critic of both the Left Ecosystem especially the biased once and also criticizes the government for its inefficiency over the issues related with public welfare.

Rachit Kaushik uses humuor in his video in order to entertain the viewers which is generally supported by his viewers. He was one of the fastest growing youtuber who used to support the BJP at various places whether it is the CAA or the Uniform Civil Code. He was also the strong critic of the Kejriwal’s government for its inefficiency in various aspects like floods during monsoon, water shortage issues, appeasement politics, education and much more.

Rachit Kaushik is a software engineer and has already worked in the top companies of the world whether it is TCS or Accenture. Rachit Kaushik’s some social media accounts are given below:

Rachit Kaushik | Sabloktantra Owner

In order to deliver contents to his viewers Rachit Kaushik created one more channel but that channel was deleted as soon as it comes in the eyes of the some people who are basically behind him. These people are generally those who hate Right Wing and hate Sanatan (Hindu Dharm). These people were also responsible for the attack over many channels which were having right wing ideology and they were proud of their Hindu Dharm and identitiy.

When Rachit created this channel and uploaded a video and shared on his twitter profile then his channel was deleted within 48 hours, it is a fresh example of the hatred and hate towards an individual who is an engineer, a proud hindu, a strong and non-biased critic of the government. Rachit Kaushik is not the first person to get such type of hatred but there are many some examples are listed here.

Youtube India

Haters in Social Media

There are many YouTubers who are using the strong and very strong sentences in their videos in order to criticize the government and they ultimately targets hindus and brahmins especially who have some kind of proud in their origin. But these Youtubers channel nor get suspended neither there channel get any strike from the Youtube.

One of them is The Deshbhakt channel which usually releases such type of content which is of low IQ content and they target the Modi over any issues. Here is the screenshot of his video where he is demeaning the entire nation in order to create unrest among the citizens. Remember this video was published on 15th March 2019 when the Lok Sabha elections were going to happen in next month.

The Deshbhakt Channel
The Sham Sharma Show

The Sham Sharma Show has explained these things in his recent video.

In this video Sham has explained the hatred towards such individuals content creators whose majority of the livelihood depend upon this only.

There are many people like TheDeshbhakt who don’t understand the issues and open their channel in order to support a political party the best example is the 2019 lok sabha where they actually cried for the defeat of Kanhaiya Kumar. This was also explained by the The Sham Sharma Show in the following video:

The Content creators like The Deshbhakt said that they did not support a party but they do and the main thing is that their videos are proof of it.

The recent example of Elvish Yadav, where his channel got strike by the Youtube Community guidelines because he created a video on the Dhruv Rathee. Elvish Yadav’s channel was having around 2 million subscribers and his channel got demonetized for 1 week due to his video on the Dhruv Rathee.

The reason YouTube stated that his channel was having the abusive language but being a roast channel it is allowed to use the abusive languages. And the video deleted on Elvish’s channel was one year old. At that time Youtube didn’t deleted the video, but deleted as soon as Elvish roasted Dhruv Rathee on his channel and exposed Dhruv’s biased and low level content.

Karolina Goswami who is also an youtuber( India in Details) and she and her family too was attacked on various social media because she created a video in which she just explains the factually incorrect video of Dhruv Rathee. For that she was harrassed on various social media platforms by the Dhruv Rathee’s so called fans.

Many Youtubers like Nitin Shukla, The Abhishek Tiwary Show, The Sham Sharma Show, SatySanatan, AKTK, The Frustrated Indian, String, SirfNews and more are getting attacked by these people. At the same time Rachit Kaushik’s SabLoktantra is an extreme example as they are trying to just get rid of sabloktantra. The main thing here is that these left oriented people never get any kind of strike, but they went to the Prime Time show.

Solution to this

It is a matter of the speech and it is matter of freedom of expression, and it is granted by the Constitution of India and the left and right both have equal rights to express their views and thoughts. Same goes for Dhruv Rathee and Elvish Yadav. But why there is a strike over the right only ? It is the main question which arises.

In order to have true FOE we must have a Social Media Deplatforming law which asks the Social Media giants on which basis they are able to remove the content creator? The similar law is in the Poland. It must be noted that the account of the Taliban leaders are there on Twitter but the account of the Donald Trump has been deleted. The Twitter also writes manipulated media on any government’s tweets and has no accountability or a reason to say such things.

The thing here is clear to control such big tech giants we need to have a deplatform law which will give chance to creators like Rachit Kaushik to proof his points that he has not given any things in his content which violates the law of the land. It must be noted that channels like Sabloktantra or SatyaSanatan got strike because of mass reporting which is usually done by the big following. AKTK and Karolina Goswami has explained these things in following video.

After watching this video you will be able to identify the people who are driven by a particular agenda in which they want to target people like Rachit Kaushik and Karolina Goswami. These people do this in such a manner that Youtube will feel that something is wrong in the content of this particular channel.

There planning is to financially disturb the people like Rahcit Kaushik who was the owner of the Sabloktantra. People like Rachit Kaushik or Sham Sharma does not have support from any party or organisation they are doing these things for free of cost. We must support them either financially or by doing there stuffs like editing, creating thumbnail, etc.

We must remember that Dhruv Rathee’s video on Rafale Scam was advertised by someone else on youtube via ads which might cost upto 10 to 50 lakhs. Dhruv Rathee himself cleared that he was not aware about this and stopped this as soon as he came to knew about this thing.

It is a point to note that there is someone who will help the Dhruv Rathee, when his channel might be deleted. But there is no one behind the Rachit Kaushik to support. Strike on someone’s livelihood is a bad act.

We hope that Sabloktantra will surely be revoked again as Rachit Kaushik is continously trying it with Youtube India. We hope that government will support the Rachit Kaushik.

Latest Update: The fourth channel which got a lot of subscribers within 1 month was also deleted. Now Rachit Kaushik has launched his own website in order to serve his viewers.

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