Sisir Adhikari joins BJP in the Amit Shah’s rally in Medinipur.

It was speculated that all the members of Adhikari family is going to join BJP, as the veteran leader of TMC Suvendu Adhikari joined BJP in the last year. The father of Suvendu Sisir Adhikari also joined the BJP in the presence of Amit Shah.

Sisir Adhikari

Sisir Adhikari Political Life

Sisir Adhikari who is the current MP of Kanthi was one of the prominent leader of Purba Medinipur. The 79 year old veteran leader has a long history of political career.

Sisir Adhikari who started his career from the Indian National Congress, but when Mamta rebel against INC and broke away from INC, then Sisir was the person who supported her and then the birth of TMC took place under the leadership of Mamta Banerjee.

He was also MLA in contituencies like Egra Kanthi Dakshin on various occasions. From 2009 he was MP of Kanthi Lok Sabha Constituency. He was also Minister of State for Rural Development under the Manmohan Singh’s second ministry.

Sisir Adhikari’s Electrol Success as MP of Kanthi:

He contested as an TMC candidate from Kanthi and defeated the Prasanta Pradhan, CPM leader he defeated him by nearly by 129000 margin. In this election he got more than 600000 votes.

In 2014, when Modi wave was there he also defeated his nearest rival Tapas Sinha CPM leader by 219000 margin and hence he increased his voting number too despite having modi wave.

Then comes Modi 2.0 wave which swept and cleaned the TMC in general election leaders like Dinesh Trivedi lost their seats but Sisir Adhikari managed to save his seat and defeated the nearest BJP rival Dr. Debasish Samanta, by 111000 margin.

Kanthi Lok Sabha Constituency Result 2019, Sisir Adhikari Won.

Sisir who was a part of INC in 90s has switche dto TMC and now after seeing something he moved to BJP. Now see who is correct or who is incorrect ?

The 2nd May will tell us till now we are suppose to wait only.

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