Spiritual & Emotional health is as important as physical health.

Why being Emotional, Healthy, and spiritual is important?


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Before understanding this thing first let’s take you to the past so that we can understand what effects we would be having if we are not being emotional, healthy, and spiritual?

Emotional, Healthy, and Spiritual were the first things that were taught in our past.

The Indian education system was very deep that they were able to discuss even the atom that is known as ‘Paramanu’ before thousands of years. They were able to discuss the arteries and working of the heart too. 

Being that much scientific they were very emotional and spiritual as well. They were aware that if you want to get success then you need to et stability with your physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

Their education didn’t start from 10 or 11’o clock but they must get up in the Brahmamuhrat. After this, their day starts with doing ‘Surya Namaskar’. The benefits of Surya Namaskar are immeasurable. 

After that, they used to listen to Guru-Vaani. In this, they came to know that what they must follow in their lifestyle. They get an idea about how to manage people and how one needs to operate in his organization and his society. From here their emotional well-being is in progress.

Emotional intelligence is not only taught in the ashram but also at their home and by their parents through story-telling and much more. Remember what kind of stories did Veermata Jijabai used to tell to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

If a person is told about his heroes and he is emotionally strong and physically well-built then he will succeed in his life and will achieve his goal. 

After achieving his goal he must not lose his personality and relationship which he has build in the past years of his life. After success, every person on this earth realizes that he is having some self-respect and self-esteem. This is good that you are having some respect in your life. But if it is in a controlled manner.

For example; When you say that “I am good”, it is a good thing to recognize yourself, but if you say that “I am the only best” then this is arrogance, this is proud and it is also called “Ahankara”.  This is the cause of the falling of many empires in history.

In order to get rid of this Ahankara and to win over the chattering of the mind, then the person follows Vairagya at later stages of his life. After then, the successor of that person will continue the work.

There are many ways to attain divinity, either through spiritually or bhakti marga both lead to the almighty only.

This was the practice we were having in our ancient but most developed country. 

It is the need of the hour. 

Let me start with a good example in order to make you understand the current scenario which is going to demolish us. 

A boy born in a middle-class family in a small city in India. He was good in his studies and went to school. But while returning from school what he got appreciation and applauds from his teachers and principals as he won many olympiad exams and was very good at sports as well.

Later on, he took admission in science after high school. And he was able to crack and got an engineering seat in a very prestigious college of India with entrance rank of 7th. While studying engineering he was fond of arts and dancing and wanted to become an actor as well as a dancer. 

Later he left his engineering and went to become a dancer at Filmfare awards in 2007. He was just a dancer there. Due to his undying attitude, he went to become an artist in television shows. Later he impresses the audience as well as his directors and producers with his skill and talent. Just let me remind you that he is not staying in his small city but in Mumbai. Here he stays alone.

After his television career, he started acting in movies which were very impressive, and his performance grew and he began to earn lakhs and crores. He got many movies and he was very happy and released movies that touched 200+ crores. 

His success was remarkable as he was not a star kid, he didn’t belong to a rich and wealthy family, he was not having any godfather, neither he got quick success.

But after some time he was found dead in his flat. And his family members were not there. He was alone and we lost a talented guy who was good. He was no one but Sushant Singh Rajput. 

These things are happening in our country and we are not able to get the reason why these things are happening? Why we are losing champions like Karthik, Sushant, and many more. 

The simple thing is that we had lost the emotional and spiritual background and what we are now is just part of a never-ending race. We are just talking about physical health and we had completely ignored emotional and spiritual health. 

If Sushant was with his family with his father will be able to commit suicide! He does not forget his family but he was far from his family and friends as we had not taught him the emotional values which his presence has created among his family and relatives. What he was for his fans who enjoyed the MS Dhoni-The Untold Story, Chichichore, Kai Po Che, and many more.


But he was not aware and he is not supposed to be blamed because it was the duty of the administration and government to induct these things into their education syllabus. But unfortunately, we are completely blank and education has turned into business nowadays. 

I was hoping that NEP will bring this change but unfortunately, it had not included these things. I am hoping that one day, the leader from our country must think about this and will induct these things as it is not important but these are essential parts of human behavior.

Thank you for being with us. 

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