Understanding the major differences and similarity between Spirituality & Science

Spirituality and Meditation

India is a country which is always known as a hub of Spirituality. It is known as best for its devotion and ritual faith and beliefs. What we lack is a scientific attitude and yeah most important when westerners came here in 16th century and they left us in 1950s and they taught us the most important thing was ‘Science and Technology’.

Do you think that Westerners actually thought as Science and Technology? Kindly comment! But I do agree with this but not at all! So let start and we will soon get a very clear picture about spirituality and science. Science and spirituality were an integral part of Ancient India.

When you just look at the back of 2000 to 3000 years ago, and study the scriptures written by some foreign travellers who travelled India and spend many years in understanding India and its origin. Then you will definitely understand what was India was about. Talking about Spirituality it is nothing but is Inner Science. The science we see here in the physical world is known as Materialistic Science.

Saints and Sadhus Spirituality

So in ancient India there were two types of Science. The first one which helps people to understanding the process of seeing, touching, listening, taste and smelling. The second science tell you about the structure and function of those organs of your body which are responsible for the above processes (eyes, skin, ears, taste and nose).

In this way the complete society of India was made by understanding the process and utilizing its behaviour. The science was taught to all the kids irrespective of their religion. So is it necessary to learn about science especially the Inner Science or Spirituality?

I am not answering it but you can answer! So according to me if a person wants to do something then he or she must think about the importance of that thing in his world. To understand this lets take an example like if a guy is preparing for IITs in his 12th standard. Then he must be aware about different IITs present in Country and what other people are thinking about IITs and their courses like computer science, IT, mechanical and much more.

In this manner, we have to understand spirituality, its essence in our life and its long term and short term results. Being an analyst, I would also like to know what happens when we don’t have spirituality in our life. When we don’t think about the process and looking for result always. When you don’t know about the process and looking for result will definitely make you worse than what you were.

This is easy to understand as you can see why the developed countries are inviting sages and sadhus from India to have talk on mind, emotions and it’s all aspects. As we know that a mind is one of the most unexplored and undercover part of materialistic science to the world but in our Ancient Bharat we know that it was an integral part of our education which was going in our Gurukulas and the Materialistic science was taught at Taxila and Nalanda.

The scriptures and architecture we are left with, from just looking at them for just an hour we will understand how great was our science? This was not taken into consideration by the Indian education system and hence the result is that many graduates are living this country in order to get their PG and get a package of 100K $ to make their life battle. That’s all.

But wait these people who are just getting 100K $ will they be happy enough if their salary was reduced or deducted? Well I am giving an answer to this by the story of an IITan named as Karthik Rajaram. From his story you might get idea about why our ancient sages were trying to do. Why people should understand the importance of Spirituality.

This is a way where we understand the key concepts of detachment from your materialistic world and renounced your life even before you die. The thing is clear that once someone enters into materialistic world, it is very difficult for the people to get rid of this and he was always pulled by his behaviour and habits which he built in the past years and he usually gave up.

Ancient Science

You might have heard about many people who became rich and then an economic blow comes into picture and they became nothing. But if you study their life they were nothing before becoming rich but their life was going hardly and he was working. But after that becoming rich and experiencing the economic blow they usually ended their life or got involved in some or other kind of crime. Because they didn’t understand the value of their life, breathing, heartbeat and much more which will be always with him. But they don’t understand these things and ended in mess. For those days motivation is necessary.

The working of mind, emotions, feelings, relationship importance, and much more. The very example you will get is that suppose a very old employee did some mistakes and then the employer rudely behaves with him and scolded in front of many people. If employee is having a little bit of self-respect he might left his job and organisation and hence an organisation has lost a valuable asset.

In this example if the employer were knowing the difference of response and reaction, then he might be having his asset with him. But he was not aware of it because he knows how to handle those people with the help of anger. But didn’t realize how to handle them.

The spiritual persons are even worshipped by the many of their followers. They are able to get lakh of people around them. They are even respected by leaders and politicians of a state. In today’s world we are able to see such kind of people as the people are thinking of it especially the westerners whose ancestors actually destroyed and closed the Gurukul education system.

With this we need to rebuild and back to Gurukul education which will benefit as well as we will get rid of this mental issues which is prevailing in the society and will create chaos if we will not stop this.

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