Stop celebrating politicians as god.

Politicians specially in our India is being now celebrated as God in India, which has been become an part of Indian political system after 1947 independence. Even the people of India love to say that politicians are more like their God or Messiah.

Is it a correct approach for any country to celebrate their political leaders as hero or even I say that they are treated as God ? Never it should never happen in the country where we are suppose to fight against poverty, where we need to end the business of drugs, corruption, infiltration and much more.

For a regional party their leader is celebrated as god and he feels very proud as he delivers speech in huge gathering. The lakhs of people attend his speeches and became agitated and sometimes this gathering brought huge riots across country.

The things like gathering or nonviolence protest or agitation against government is never a good thing as it does not have any benefit whether it is social or economical. The recent example of a protest is farmer protest where they had blocked a national highway and the consequences are such that India is losing thousands of crore.

My Questions to protestors

Who is going to pay for it? Who is going to take responsibility of that lose ? Will this protest going to create any employment in this country ? Will it going to solve the problem of farmers’ suicide ? Will this protest will create a better India ? Is this protest is helpful to any farmer in the entire country ?

Ohh! the simple answer of this questions are ‘No’, but still they are protesting, the people who are in the lead of agitation are getting coverage by the National as well as getting support of every opposition party. The event that took place on the Lal Quilla on 26th January 2021 was just a small piece what those people want to do.

After Britishers’ Divide & Rule is taken by Political Parties

It was a dark moment in the history of India where a Khaalistaani Flag was placed in the place of our National Flag. This was the thing that Dr. Ambedkar was worried about and he clearly with most honesty said in his Grammar of Anarchy. In that speech he clearly mentioned that I am worried and anxious will India lose it freedom second time ?

But looking at some events whether it from the JNU or seeing Khalistani Flag or Cutting of Chicken’s Neck are the small small events where we can realise how divide and rule politics is taken such that it might leads to division of India.

But the protests now-a-days is becoming one of the most easiest ways to reach the various political parties and fill their ambitions. These political leaders who wants only power. For power they put their flag first irrespective of the national flag. They usually celebrate their founders and leaders as the hero of their lives and they become nothing but the puppets of politicians.

If they say lay on the road and bock the highways they will do if they say take swords and will hold a peace rally with swords they will do but at the same time this protests broke out into violence and then the politicians do cry in the media and they get sympathy from the people of India.

Need of Ambedkar to curb present situation.

Dr. Ambedkar was very much ahead of times and what he said is happening today. He asked to abandon the revolution system. It means that we must abandon the method of civil disobedience, non-cooperation and satyagraha. This were the words of Dr. Ambedkar.

Today the country is in need of Ambedkar who understands both the Economics as well as Social. Today’s politicians are believing that they have people and then they can do anything. The mind of people are infiltered in such a way that these people are not able to think about their welfare too.

The power of the people is the only thing a politician is having if once the people are educated and they starts their own journey into the matters of socialism and economics they will never treat those illiterates and hate monger politicians.

If the country want to have growth the only one way is to have is to have morality and punctuality and honesty in their citizens. If they don’t have we must need to build it because once these things came in every individual then the others problems can be easily solved.

The most important part of our country is to move ahead of politics and start believing in the self rather than politicians. We must believe in the government not in the political system and politicians who are celebrated as heroes.

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Ankit D

Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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