The ASEEM project launched by the Central Government brought 1.8 Million Job Opportunities.

In a recent tweet, IANS mentioned that the ASEEM ( Aatmanirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping) scheme launched by MSDE (Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) in the last year 2020 has brought nearly 1.8 million job opportunities to youngsters of this country.

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MSDE launched this scheme on 10 July of 2020 in order to inculcate skills in youngsters. MSDE Secretary Pravin Kumar explained that the portal site acts as being a power directory also it has all advice regarding industry demand, analytics and supply which reveal trends in addition to catch the effect.

“ASEEM is an integrated skill management information system which is designed as a workforce market policy instrument to improve the information flow in the workforce market,” he said.

“The logistics sector has the maximum open jobs posted, followed by retail. Put together, these five sectors contribute 65.7 per cent of the total jobs posted so far,” the data revealed.

The data further revealed that about 40% project opportunities are extended to age bracket of 25 years and below, 26-30 years (15 percent ), above 31-35 years (10 per cent) and above 35 years (35 percent ).

Similarly, the leading five project roles in requirement are courier delivery (15.6 per cent), retail product sales associates (12.5 per cent), emergency medical technician (6.6 per cent), selfemployed tailor (4.2 percent ), and also balances executive (2.6 percent ). These come up with is roughly 41.5% of the complete demand, the data demonstrated.

Karnataka (29.8 per cent), Tamil Nadu (13.2 percent ), Maharashtra (11.5 per cent), Delhi (7.4 per cent) and also Telangana (5.5 per cent), that make up to 67.4 percent of their entire active jobs submitted, have the most interest in professionals. About 13 per cent of the active jobs have been reserved for female applicants.

“This portal aims to provide accurate, objective, relevant, timely and accessible workforce information which is critical for building a skilled workforce that promotes business competitiveness and economic growth,” Kumar said.

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