The vaccination succeed with rate of 60% and 1,91,181 vaccinated instead of 3.15 lakhs

The vaccination programme was launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The vaccination was estimated that it will reach to more than 3 lakhs. The correct figure is not yet known.

Vaccination programme started by Modi at 10:30 on 16th January 2021

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The ministry of health and family welfare declared from its official twitter handle.

From this tweet you can clearly see that the actual and official number given by the MoHFW is 1,91,181. After this the official tweet, they also said about the number of Corona warriors vaccinated in each state of our country.

From this data we came to know that Uttar Pradesh top the list and followed by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The total number of sessions conducted was 3,351. In this session a total number of 16,755 personnel were involved.

As the Vaccination programme was about to start but the incumbent government got strong solidarity from the opposition parties. Mnaish tiwary, a senior leader of Congress and incumbent MP tweeted regarding the formalities of approval of vaccines. He further added that if vaccine is that much reliable and trustworthy then, why not the minister of incumbent government is taking it.

The Union minister himself answered and ensured him about vaccines.

The fact is that during such type of pandemic where the economy is crashed and has huge impact on every aspect of our life. The politicians are still raising questions and still trying to proven that they are still present in the government. The mainstream media’s debate is also good and judges are so called anchors who decide who has won the debate.

But the main thing here is to note that the Andhra Pradesh and Mahrashtra are the states where the non-BJP government but still they topped the chart. The politicians should stop their politics and keep it for election. But doing politics is their right and hence we are just audience.

Vaccination process is very long and in India with a population of more than 130 crores. It is not easy to complete vaccination in 3 or 4 months. The time will be required and it might take 8 to 10 months.

But we are developing and doing very well because when we get Corona we were not able to produce N95 Masks but now we are largest producers. We were having only one covid testing centre but now we are having more than 2000 testing labs including public and private as per this report of

We hope that vaccination will go faster and the things will back to normal. We need to believe in our country and its administration and the leaders we had elected.

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