Third Covid wave in India is likely to hit in August.

India is currently dealing with the Second Covid Wave and we are near to end the effect of the second covid wave, it should end in July end. The third covid wave will be much bigger in size and it will have adverse effects if we are not able to vaccinate a good amount of population.

Currently United Kingdom is in the early phases of the third covid wave. But the main thing is that they had fully vaccinated around 39% of population. It seems good because they are having less population. Only 2.18 crore people have been fully vaccinated while 3.3 crore people got the first dose of vaccine.


Now since we had had around 134 crores of people it is a long task to vaccinate all the citizens. But we had fully vaccinated 4.34 crore people and 17 crore with first dose. It good number but we need to increase it as we have to prepare for the third wave.

Now we need to administer at least 60 to 70 lakhs doses per day in order to vaccinate everyone till December. Now this thing seems easy but it is not easy as we are suppose to increase the production capacity of the manufacturers. For manufacturers they are saying that it will get boost in July only. But we will be having third wave in the end of July or starting of August, which is again a matter of concern.

Now lets take first covid wave, in this wave we got very less children affected, but in second wave we observe that number of children affected were 10 times that of first wave. The recent example is of Maharashtra, where one district reported 8000 cases of children. Hence we need to vaccinate children because they are the vulnerable one in this pandemic.

Experts Speak:

Ravi Gupta of University of Cambridge

 “The number of cases is relatively low. All waves start with a low number of cases… and then become explosive. So the key here is that what we are seeing are the signs of an early wave,”


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