Vaccination issue & second peak of COVID-19 is due to politicians.

Vaccination which is currently the need of the hour could be in better position if the incumbent and opposition seating politicians would come together. The 2nd COVID-19 is the surge which is bigger than the previous one is due the same politicians who came to politics in order to serve the people but now they had failed so miserably that the India’s overall image is getting affected.

The Largest Vaccination drive started in India.

Modi getting 1st Dose

Vaccination not done in large scale

Vaccines which was available to India by the end of the 2020 December. But it was well known that India is not a small country but a massive country of the world which is having 1.3 Billion people. Vaccinating such a large number would required a huge number of vaccines but we Indians which are having always a blind faith on the politicians.

Started believing that Indian vaccines which is created by the BJP, will not going to work. The comment made by the Akhilesh Yadav or the opposition who opposed everything from Demonetisation to GST to CAA to FARM Bills. They also opposed this vaccines too and the media of this country printed this misleading petty dialogues on their front page and hence a misled was created among the people of the India.

It is not only that but the incumbent government whether it is BJP State or Non-BJP State they too don’t take the necessary steps to eliminate the fear among the common people. The vaccine drive the so called biggest vaccination drive which was started on 16th of January by the Government of India is indeed the slowest vaccination drive in the world.

The major thing is that when the vaccination started on 16th of January, the politicians who were in the power whether it is MODI, YOGI, AMIT SHAH, ARVIND KEJRIWAL, UDDHAV THACKERAY or any other didn’t take the first dose of vaccine. The vaccination which was initiated should be done by the politicians on the one day itself because this only creates confidence in the people of India.

It must be noted that Modi who was educating about everyone about the vaccines should take the vaccine on the very first day itself. It must be noted that even the vaccine was exported to the countries in order to create a good image as the USA is going to have bitter relation in the UN.

The Modi took the 1st vaccine dose on the 1s of March which is after 45 days of the vaccination drive. The Uddhav took 1st vaccine dose on 11th March which is after 55 days of vaccination drive. The Yogi took 1st vaccine dose on 5th of April which is after 80 days after vaccination drive. Even the IITian and role model for liberandus, the Arvind took the first dose on 4th of March.

Lets have a graph of vaccination and you can study it and get the following conclusions.

Vaccination in India

Now you clearly understand that the vaccination speed increases from the date when the state and center leaders took the vaccine dose. But these leaders cannot be called as leader as they were not having enough guts to go and get vaccine on 16th January itself. If they had taken this vaccine then the situation of the country would be far better than present situation. This was the reason why India is even less than 2%.

Now if you take the case of United Kingdom then you will realised that UK has started there vaccination drive in January itself but now , the PM of UK Boris Johnson took vaccine on 20th March but if you see the the graph you will realise that England is doing far better than India.

Vaccination in UK
Vaccination in UK

If you compare this with the India’s graph then you can conclude that India got the exponential curve after 1st March or when the politicians started taking the doses. But in the UK it is clear from the beginning that UK people were not having any doubts about vaccines and they even not waited for their politicians to take the dose.

The main reason behind this is that politicians are usually considered as god and they are even worshipped by the fellow and idiot workers of their party. The worshipping of these politicians will not going to benefit anyone but it is going to harm country as well as those innocent people.

Hence, stop celebrating politicians as god.

We need to educate our innocent Indians about everything whether it is Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality or CAA or Farm Bills, this will help us to build a strong and powerful nation. The government is responsible for the false outrage whether is CAA or doubt on vaccines.

If all the politicians whether they are part of government or not should go and take their vaccine when the vaccination drive was initiated in India. Even the Akhilesh Yadav who heavily criticsed the BJP and this thing is not good in a democracy where a ex-CM of the world’s largest province said such a thing.

It really affects the Vaccination directly or indirectly, but the incumbent government is more responsible than these politicians.

Ankit D

Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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