West Bengal Election – A smart analysis on West Bengal Election.

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West Bengal Election is very near and it is going to be a very crucial moment for Political Commentators, psephologist, political analysts, and strategists. But before getting head into it first, let’s analyze some previous elections and we can get a correct glimpse of what will be going to happen in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election?

The election in any part of the country is nothing but a democratic festival, it sounds good yeah. But if you go just take a look then you will realize that the only thing that matters is “Get Into Power”. The idea of doing social work through politics is gone and a new age has been evolved where politics to power is a one-way journey and every politician wants it to happen.

But it is not a one-way journey, as we saw a lot of changes are taking place in the political arena. The leader is not always present for his party and one day he has to leave his party to youngsters. So investing your time let’s go back to our main topic and analyze some previous elections of West Bengal.

If you look at this result you will realize that there were two front that is Left and UPA (AITC was part of UPA), the single largest part came out be AITC with 31% of vote share and grabbed 19 seats. This was a prior election to state assembly elections and the 2011 West Bengal Legislative Election Results showed the downfall of Left and AITC came to power with a huge majority. It grabbed 194 seats and in the next General Election of 2014, it didn’t allow Modi Wave to enter West Bengal Politics.

When you look at WB Election 2019- General Election, then you will be realized that the mindset of Bengalis has been changed and it allowed Modi’s Wave and resulted in a head-on-head battle for West Bengal Politics.

This was a result that BJP was hoping from the 1980s in West Bengal. This election generated hope and it might or might not affect the upcoming West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election.

But the main thing is that BJP is leading in General Election in Delhi from decade but it is out of power from Delhi State Assembly. So this things might happen in West Bengal Election too. But who knows, as we know that matters of state and centre are different.

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