West Bengal Election Result : Gain to Suvendu, BJP, TMC but loss to Mamta, Congress.

Mamata Banerjee (left) and Suvendu Adhikari | PTI/wikimedia commons
Mamata Banerjee (left) and Suvendu Adhikari | PTI/wikimedia commons

West Bengal election result was one of the most speculated result of the 2021. It was one of the most thrilling and tense election of 2021. It was about the proud fight between Mamta Banerjee and Suvendu Adhikari in the thrilling battle of Nandigram.

Nandigram battle of Suvendu Adhikari and Mamta Banerjee.

The result shows that the Mamta Banerjee’s TMC got two-third majority by grabbing 214 seats out of 294 seats. TMC Supremo lost her battle to the BJP Suvendu Adhikari by just a small margin. It is also noted that Congress who was main opponent in the 2016 elections lost all the seats and got a big zero. Same thing is for the left as well.

The BJP who increased its voting percentage as well as the seats number got the seat of main opponent while the other parties like AIMIM, AIUDF didn’t able to get a single seat despite of a huge muslim voter base in Bengal.

Mamta Banerjee

Mamta Banerjee who got support from the various parties of India like Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party, DMK and as well as indirect support from the various opponent parties once again proofed that she is able to stop the Vijayrath of Modi. In 2014, when the whole India show a rise of saffron in the entire India. But the saffron was not able to penetrate the West Bengal.

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It was not due to the confidence of the people of West Bengal, resulted the defeat of the BJP or Modi or Amit Shah. But it was the fear among the Bangladeshi Muslims that created such a polarisation that muslim centric parties like AIUDF, AIMIM, ISF couldn’t got much ground. It was evident that this election became a symbol of what the Gandhi was doing before 100 years.

Gandhi used the Muslims in his non-cooperation movement and supported the Khilafat movement in order to get support of muslims and he got too. But when the muslim leaders asked for the new state then he said no. Mamta who used to go to Iftaar Party and recites kalma in the every occassion was seen chanting Chandi Paath too in the election rallies. This is what Gandhi did and he got many supporters even the Subhas, Sardar, Ambedkar too used to respect him.

The Mamta who too the oath of the CM in 2016 on the name of “Ishvar and Allah”, but now takes the oath in the name of only “Ishvar”. This was the thing that BJP wanted and Mamta too did. So there is always change in the politics. It started from the legendry Nehru when he said that I am an accidentally Hindu, Culturally muslim but a Christian by Education.

Suvendu Adhikari

If there is someone who will be considered as the hero then Suvendu Adhikari is the someone who gave a benefitting reply to Mamta by defeating her at her own place Nandigram. Nandigram was a place where Mamta Banerjee and Suvendu Adhikari started their battle against the ruling Left Coalition.

It was the Suvendu Adhikari who was considered to be the Chief-in-commander for Mamta Banerjee but the same Suvendu left this party and joined BJP. This became something personal and both took the challenge and the Mamta Banerjee lost but the TMC won.

Meanwhile the BJP got a new Himanta Biswa Sharma of Bengal and now they had decided to make Suvendu Adhikari as the leader of the opposition. Suvendu Adhikari now has more duties and responsibilities as the Leader Of Opposition. Suvendu Adhikari now has to face the TMC head Mamta Banerjee in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.

But it seems that people of the states are eager to choose the local leaders, hence BJP need to understand this and they have to work on this strategy as the BJP has to gain ground in order to reduce the pressure on the Hindi- heartline states and in order to get new ground you need to have the local guys. Suvendu Adhikari fits here like Himanta Biswa Sharma fits in Assam.


BJP which was not present in the state before 3 years now it will be having the role of opposition. BJP which used to get just one or two seats but now it got a good number of 75+ and it eventually get 2.3 crore of votes which accounted for 38% of vote share.

If you compare this scores with the 2016 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election then you will realized that BJP was able to get just 3 seats and just 10% of vote share. It was also noted that BJP just got 55 lacs votes. Now they had expanded their percentage as well as seats.

Meanwhile Congress which was lead by the Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary lost their all seats and got a big zero. Even having alliance with left as well as ISF didn’t worked at all. The INC vote share was 13% in 2016 but it dropped to 3% only. Even their seating MLAs didn’t able to retain their seat too. It was also noted that there was no enthusiasm among the senior leaders of the Congress about West Bengal Election.

Not only the congress lost its ground but the Left too lost their all 26 seats which they had won in 2016. Even their voting share was 20% in 2016 but now it has dropped to merely 5%.

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Why Mamta Won Election?

It was clearly visible that Mamta used every tactics in order to restrict the BJP. It was also noted that BJP was able to get the votes of Hindus. But Mamta got the votes from the Malda and Murshidabad which was once considered as stronghold of INC due to Muslim Majority.

Even the Muslim votes didn’t get split into AIMIM or AIUDF. It was the first time in the history of the Bengal where there would be no presence of Left as well as the Congress. It must be noted that Mamta Banerjee in the mid of election wrote letter to every opposition of the state and ask for help. It might be one of the reason that votes of INC and Left went to Mamta.

Mamta Banerjee now has big responsibilities ahead in the future as she has to face his ex-TMC Suvendu Adhikari.

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