West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election- Future of BJP in Bengal

West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election

As the date is arriving and it is getting closer and closer and we would be having the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election in May. As the date is not yet fixed by the Election Commission of India.

West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election is not only between Modi vs Mamta.

We also know that the fight is between the BJP and TMC. It is between a party that was never a part of West Bengal Politics and a party that has only a presence in West Bengal. It is between a State and a National party. Yeah and the most important it is between Prashant Kishore’s Strategy vs Amit Shah’s Strategy.

The Political ground is open for everyone whether it is JDU, AIMIM, INC, CPI, CPI (M), or else. The voters will cast the vote and we will be left with only results. But before the election let’s analyze some factors which will be highly effective in the results of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election.

The main goal of the election is “Power”, as we truly saw a true example of a Power-tussle between Shiv Sena and BJP in Maharashtra over CM Post.

Top Factors that will going to effect the WB Legislative Assembly Election 2021:

Muslim Vote Bank: It is a state which is having nearly 30% Muslim Voters. Which is going to play a significant role in the upcoming state election. More than 50 seats are having the majority of voters as Muslims. So again how they cast votes is not going to make difference but to whom will make difference.

Bihari Vote: The state accommodates a huge amount of migrants from various states but Biharis are in the lead followed by Uttar Pradesh. Both states are responsible for around 78% of immigrants of Kolkata. The reason is also simple as we know that these people are coming from Hindi Belt and Hindi Belt is always a keen supporter of the BJP and Mr. Modi.

Violence: It is a factor that is always visible in the WB Election whether it is State Election or National Election. Things are not okay here. The violence that erupted during the last general election was not good in a democratic country and it is worst when there is a national election. This violence is not good for the current state government as it plants fear in the heart of innocent citizens.

Anti-Incumbency: This is a factor that is currently not visible in the current scenario as the government is having a good record if we ignore the last 2 years. The track record of the government is good and they might not get the anti-incumbency as Nitish got in Bihar in Bihar 2020 election. Nitish was contesting for the 4th term and Mamta will contest for her 3rd term. We know that the 3rd term is usually won by the incumbent government.

Grand Alliance: If any grand alliance took place then they can quiet the BJP as we saw it in the MLC Election of Maharashtra where the BJP lost its ancestral seat of Nagpur. The same thing happened when Lalu and Nitish came up with the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar Election 2015, which stopped the Vijay Ratha of Modi. You can imagine if TMC-INC-CPI-CPI(M), then it would be very difficult for BJP to mark its presence in the upcoming WB Legislative Election 2020. BJP is single and this is the weakness it is currently having.

Modi Charisma: It is a fact that Mr. Modi is more than a celebrity and he is more than a PM for the people of India. He is on the path of becoming a Supreme Leader of this country. Whether it is Note-Bandi or CAA or GST, despite all this his factor is unique and he is considered to be the hero for the rise of BJP in India. He is not on the path of someone but he is creating his own path.

Intra-Party Conflict: It is the thing that is present in each political party of our democratic country. But if it comes before the election then it is going to demoralize the workers of the party which in turn changes the result. The political differences that the TMC is currently having in its party are going to give an upper hand to BJP.

Regional State Parties: The regional state parties present a stronghold but it is again not visible in Bengal yet. Here Left and Congress are main opponents but they are behaving like spectators and nothing more. The main reason behind this is that they don’t have a Unique leader like Mamta or Modi.

Let’s see who will be going to create King and who will be king in West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election. There are many small factors but we want to keep it short and simple hence we did this analysis.

Stay tune with us.

Ankit D

Ankit D is the editor-in-chief of Good Morning Mumbai. He is also the founder of the Good Morning Mumbai. He has a very deep insight about the politics of the country.

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