West Bengal Legislative Elections- A tough between BJP & TMC ?

West Bengal Legislative Assembly Elections will be going to be conducted from 27 March to 29 April in 8 phases. A total of 294 seats will be conducted and the result will be declared on 2 May of 2021.

BJP workers participate in a bike rally to protest against the ruling TMC government in Kolkata,(PTI)
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West Bengal is currently ruled by All India Trinmool Congress (AITC) and have Mamta Banerjee as Chief Minister. The West Bengal has almost all tyoe of people whether it is migrants, hindus, muslims, christian, left leaning ideologies too.

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Mamta Banerjee who required around 13 years to overthrow the Left Front, which ruled the Bengal for more than 30 years. But when she won the 2014 Lok Sabha and didn’t allow the Modi’s Wave in Bengal. Everyone was amazed.

It was the time that BJP was not having any ground and party organisational structure in Bengal. Then BJP contested the legislative assembly election in 2016 and it was no more. But TMC despite having left and congress it won 211 seats out of 294.

In this BJP, does not have any ally nor it was having any historial ground before 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. The only ground i was having when itn was ally with TMC itself. It was the era of Atal-Advani. It was the NDA’s part.

The Congress is having a great alliance with Left and ISF which is founded by Pirzaada Abbaas Siddiqui. This grand alliance is also having other 6 parties. This front is consist of 9 parties and the front is called as Samyukta Morcha.

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The AITC which is having no alliance like BJP but they might get some support from the small parties. These parties have no sinificance but they might increase the voters’ percentage significantly.

If we see the AITC it has won 98% of Muslim dominated seats like Muradabad, Malda, South 24 Paragan etc. AITC will require muslim votes but this time as a Grand Alliance is forming againt TMC. Then AITC must have hindus votes too.

The Battle is not easy for BJP too as this time there is Alliance between Congress and Left. And TMC is there to give a tough fight to BJP and Samyukta Morcha.

AIMIM who will also contest the election but this time will it be able to divert the Muslim vote from the Congress and AITC like Bihar Legislative Election 2020.

Now we will have election on 2 May and we will see what is the mood of people.

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