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WhatsApp on Tuesday supplied clarification on its latest privacy policy update also said that the latest shift did not impact the privacy of all messages delivered to family and friends at all. The instant messaging system stated it needed to”speech rumours”, which reiterate it will “continue to guard your personal messages using end-to-end encryption. It said it couldn’t see your personal messages or listen to your requirements.

WhatsApp said,”Will Guard your messages using end-to-end encryption”.

Whatsapp  Privacy Policy
Whatsapp security

Additionally, it emphasised that its parent firm Facebook may likewise not read calls or messages of its customers. The new development comes amid public criticism against WhatsApp within its privacy policy upgrade which happened a week and is applicable from February 8.

Addressing user worries within the privacy policy upgrade , WhatsApp published a new FAQ page on its own website that highlights personal communication on the program. “Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook may read your messages hear your requirements with your own friends, loved ones, and co-workers around WhatsApp. Anything you talk about, it remains between you,” the platform said.

In a ribbon, it added,”Our privacy policy upgrade doesn’t impact the privacy of your own messages together with friends or loved ones.” WhatsApp also said that it did not maintain logs of consumer communications. “While traditionally cellular operators and carriers shop this advice, we think that maintaining those documents for 2 billion users are both a privacy and security risk and we do not take action,” it noted.

On the place sharing component, WhatsApp pointed out from its own recently created FAQ page it could not find the shared place of consumers and could Facebook. The platform underlined when somebody shares place on its own program, it is end-to-end encrypted — it could not be observed by anybody except the people with whom it’s shared with.However, it’s very important to be aware that WhatsApp does accumulate and use exact location information of consumer devices.

“Even in the event that you don’t utilize our location-related attributes, we use IP addresses along with other info like telephone number area codes to gauge your general location (e.g., town and state ). In addition, we apply your location info for diagnostics and troubleshooting functions,” the updated privacy policy cites .

In the same way, WhatsApp explained that group talks about the stage remained confidential and end-to-end encoded. “We use group membership to provide messages and also to safeguard our support from abuse and spam. We do not share this information with Facebook for advertisements purposes,” that the FAQ webpage noted.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy is not going to change much after 8th February 2021.

In terms of information sharing which has attracted the solitude controversy, the Facebook-owned platform stated the upgrade included changes associated with messaging companies on WhatsApp. “Some big companies will need to use hosting solutions to handle their communication. That is precisely why we’re giving companies the choice to use protected hosting solutions from Facebook to handle WhatsApp talks with their clients, answer inquiries, and deliver useful information like buy receipts,” the platform said.

The FAQ page also noticed that WhatsApp did not discuss contacts with Facebook. “When you provide us consent, we get just the telephone numbers from the address book to create messaging fast and dependable, and we do not discuss your contacts lists together with another programs Facebook provides,” it stated.

Additionally, it said the coming of fresh trade features, which might allow companies to market their products and services out of WhatsApp, which could require personalisation. For that, purchasing actions of users may be used to personalise the experience. WhatsApp, nevertheless, said that these features were discretionary.

The upgrades in the privacy policy have unintentionally helped aggressive platforms such as Telegram and Signal to acquire some success. But, WhatsApp currently worried the fluctuations were to tackle company accounts. The whatsapp has huge base of people and doesn’t want to loose ground and hence they issue FAQ.

Besides this official twitter account of Whatsapp replied to many twitter users about the privacy policies and their concerns.

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